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Steel Research Centre

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Steel Research Centre

Over several decades, steel plays an important role in global economic growth as it is an indispensible part for development of a nation. As a result, continual improvement in steel technology is must for sustainable economic growth of a nation. Towards achieving this aim numerous dedicated steel researcher centres in academic institution or university as well as corporate research and development centres of global steel producing companies have been established and operating with significant impact on world economy. Steel research centres have strong potential for playing a significant role on global development as overall wellbeing of people in the world is reflected by their per capita consumption of steel. World-wide economic scenario continues to be challenging but appears to be bottoming out. Therefore, global economic growth mostly in developing country like India, China and Brazil requires high utilization of steel in coming years. Recent trends of world-wide steel consumptions show that the quality issues regarding steel will be much stringent in future. Detail statistical analysis of economic strata of a country indicates that techno-economic growth of a country is highly dependent on its steel production. India, being the fourth largest producer of steel of the world, still starving hard to improve its quality. Overcapacity in the Chinese steel industry is of great concern as it results in prices reduction not only globally but in India also.


Prof.(Ms.) Krishna Pramanik