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Message from Director

Alumni constitute an important constituent of an institution of higher learning. It is through them that an institute reaches out to the public. They serve as brand ambassadors who spread the message of their alma mater. Their effort brings in new students, new faculty and staff, and new projects. The prosperity and good name of an institute strongly depends on the goodwill More... ›

With best wishes to one and all.
Prof. Animesh Biswas
Director, NIT Rourkela

Message from Dean (AR)

Dear Alumni Friends,
NIT Rourkela is proud of its 20,000 strong alumni who have contributed substantially for the growth of the Nation. This year the institute is celebrating 50 years of its glorious existence. The institute welcomes every alumnus for an endearing relationship with its alma mater. The office of the Dean (Alumni Relations and Resource Generations) is working closely with More... ›

Prof. Sukadev Meher, Professor
Dean, Alumni Relations

Featured Alumni

Mr. Venkata Narasimham Peri, [MCA, 1991]

Mr Peri is a Partner in M/s. PriceWaterCoopers (PWC), USA. As a member of the Risk Consulting leadership team, he leads 3 critical initiatives in the firm – building global delivery capabilities for management and risk consulting across the global delivery center network; asset and IP creation and audit transformation.Mr Peri is a distinguished alumnus of National Institute of Technology Rourkela, India and has worked earlier with Deloitte, IBM, Reveleus, Hexaware and Coopers & Lybrand/PwC Consulting.Outside work, he is passionate about teaching and More... ›

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Birthdays Today

Abhisek Choudhary
M.Sc., 2008, PH
Abhisek Choudhary
M.Tech.(RES), 2012, CR
Abhisek Choudhary
Ph.D., 2018, CR
Anamitra Chakraborty
B.Tech., 2016, EE
Anil Kumar Dash
M.Tech., 2010, CE
Ankita Singh
M.Tech., 2018, EE
Arpita Suchismita
M.Tech.(RES), 2010, CE
Balaram Bijaya Kumar Behera
B.Tech., 2007, MM
Bhupendra Kumar Talami
B.Tech., 2003, MN
Bhyri Venkat Jagdish Kumar
B.Tech., 1980, ME
Binod Kumar R.
B.Tech., 2000, CR
Binod Kumar Rajgandha
B.Tech., 2001, CR
C.S Krishna Murthy
M.Tech., 2011, BM
Debabrata Kar
B.Tech., 1988, CE
Dibya Lochan Swain
M.Tech., 2008, ME
Dibyajyoti Behera
B.Tech., 2017, CE
Harshpal Singh Sarang Devot
B.Tech., 2006, MN
Himansu Sekhar Sahoo
M.Sc., 1999, CY
Jyotirmaya Sahoo
M.Tech., 2017, EE
K Divya Bharathi
M.Tech.(RES), 2015, MM
Koushik Das
M.Tech., 2008, ME
M.S Kundan
B.Tech., 2001, ME
Manish Hota
B.Tech., 2014, MN
Manish K. J Chandrani
B.Tech., 1994, EE
Manoj Kumar Dhal
B.Tech., 1995, EE
Matada Mahesh
Ph.D., 2012, EE
Mekap Subhasish Pattanaik
Integrated M.Sc., 2016, PH
Nagan Chandra Nayak
B.Tech., 2000, CH
Ng Kamba Romeo
B.Tech., 2016, CS
Poonam Malhotra
M.Tech., 2000, CH
Poonam Malhotra
B.Tech., 1998, CE
Prabina Kumar Patnaik
Ph.D., 2018, ME
Pradipta Kumar Behera
B.Tech., 1994, ME
Pradosh Kumar Dash
B.Tech., 1980, ME
Pradyut Kumar Hota
B.Tech., 1997, EE
Prasant Kumar Swain
M.Tech., 2015, ME
Pratap Kumar Haripal
M.Tech., 2007, CE
Premananda Pradhan
B.Tech., 2009, MN
Priya Ranjan Nanda
B.Tech., 2003, EI
Pulicheri Suresh
B.Tech. M.Tech Dual Degree, 2015, EE
R Saravanan
B.Tech., 1999, ME
Rajdeep Lakra
B.Tech., 2011, MN
Ramachandran Santosh
B.Tech., 1987, ME
Sahu Ashok Kumar
MCA, 1997, CS
Santanu Pati
B.Tech., 1994, MN
Satya Brata Satpathy
M.Sc., 2008, PH
Satyabrata Satpathy
Ph.D., 2018, PH
Satyajit Rout
B.Tech., 2012, MN
Shiban Kanti Bala
B.Tech., 2013, EE
Sibasis Mohapatra
B.Tech., 2007, EE
Siladitya Pattnaik
B.Tech., 2008, EE
Soubhagya Sankar Barpanda
M.Tech.(RES), 2010, CS
Soubhagya Sankar Barpanda
Ph.D., 2016, CS
Subhendu Mishra
B.Tech., 2013, CS
Sudeep Chatterjee
B.Tech., 1989, EE
Sukanya Panda
Ph.D., 2017, SM
Sunil Kumar Kanhar
B.Tech., 2007, ME
Suparna Bhattacharyee
M.Sc., 2001, CY
Susanta Sekhar Moharana
M.Tech., 1998, CE
Sushanta Kumar Satpathy
M.Tech., 2003, CS
Susmita Das
Ph.D., 2005, EE
Susmita Das
M.Tech., 1994, EE
Suvendu Prasad Samantaray
B.Tech., 1996, ME
Umesh Mishra
B.Tech., 1986, ME
V. V Raman
M.Tech., 1994, ME
Vaze Avinash Madhukar
B.Tech., 2008, EE
Vinay Kumar Edukoju
Integrated M.Sc., 2018, CY
Vivek Kulhar
B.Tech., 2016, ME
Zapovil Kintso
M.Tech., 2018, CS
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