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Message from Director

Alumni constitute an important constituent of an institution of higher learning. It is through them that an institute reaches out to the public. They serve as brand ambassadors who spread the message of their alma mater. Their effort brings in new students, new faculty and staff, and new projects. The prosperity and good name of an institute strongly depends on the goodwill More... ›

With best wishes to one and all.
Prof. K. Umamaheshwar Rao
Director, NIT Rourkela

Message from Dean (AR)

Dear Alumni family and friends,
I warmly welcome to all NIT Rourkela Alumni. Whether you graduated half a century ago or half year ago, the NIT Rourkela alumni is committed to build and reaffirm the ties connecting the 20,000+ members of NITR alumni family to each other and your alma mater. You all are invited to connect with us and stay engaged with the NIT RKL Alumni Family. More... ›

With best wishes to one and all.
Prof. Himanshu Bhushan Sahu
Dean, Alumni Relations


  • Academia and Research
    Dr. Sarat Kumar Mohapatra
    B. Sc. Engineering, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, 1970
    Dr. Sarat Kumar Mohapatra is a B.Sc. Engineering (Metallurgical Engineering) graduated from NIT Rourkela in 1970. Dr. Mahapatra joined 3M Company Corporate Labs, St. Paul, MN in 1980 as a Senior Research Specialist and started working on Large Area Photo Electronic Image Sensors for Medical X-ray Imaging, which resulted in the first demonstration of injection pumped II-VI quantum-well laser in the blue-green region of the visible spectrum. He transitioned to Medical Imaging Division of Imation as Technical Leader, where he developed the first Dry View Laser Imager (DV8700). After the hardware development effort at 3M/Imation/Kodak/Carestream Health, he started the third phase of his career in pharmaceutics research in nanotechnology and nanomedicine at the Creighton University, Omaha, Nebraska and later at the University of Minnesota to develop amorphous pharmaceuticals for drug delivery. He authored a book chapter on “Special Dosage Forms and Drug Delivery Systems” through Elsevier. Second revision of the book was released in 2023. Aside from his technical contributions, he was the co-founder of the Overseas Alumni Association known as NITROAA organization. The organization has grown from forty-seven founding members in 2014 to more than 1100 in 2023. He was the President of NITROAA (2019-2020) and is currently active in promoting the organization.

  • Industry and Management
    Shri Sariputta Mishra
    B. Sc. Engineering, Mining Engineering, 1984
    Director and CEO Odisha Coal and Power Ltd.
    Mr. Sariputta Mishra is a 1984 B.Sc Engineering graduate from the Department of Mining, NIT Rourkela. He has served Coal India Ltd for 23 years in three of its subsidiaries (SECL, MCL & BCCL) and has served reputed MNCs like Hindalco, Lafarge Holcim Group for 10 years. He joined NTPC in 2018 as its Head of Mining/Regional Executive Director based at NTPC Coal Mining HQ, Ranchi. Upon completion of his term at NTPC, he switched over to Odisha Coal and Power Ltd. and is currently working as its Director and CEO. His special achievements include being conferred with the Mine Manager of Deulbera U/G Mine in 1990 one of the youngest of the time. An expert in underground, opencast and mixed coal mining, he is credited for commissioning several Greenfield projects in the country. He has consistently bagged outstanding performance ratings in PSUs and MNCs where he worked. He has been nominated as the “Chairman of Coal Standing Committee" of Federation of Mineral Industries, lndia (FIMl), New-Delhi for the year 2022-23. He has been awarded with "Brands of Odisha and Pride of India" Gold Category by Sambad Media Group for 2022, “ Baisakhi Samman Award for Corporate Social Responsibility'' in 43rd National Baishakhi Festival-2022, and NMDC Award for Social Responsibility 2021-22 by FIMI, NewDelhi.

  • Industry and Management
    Shri Dilip Kumar Mohanty
    B. Sc. Engineering, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, 1987
    Director (Production) and Director (Personnel)-in NMDC Ltd
    ¬Shri Dilip Kumar Mohanty is a B.Sc. Engineering (Metallurgy) graduate from NIT Rourkela in 1987. ¬Shri Mohanty has rich and varied experience spanning over 36 years in Steel Plant Operations, Mining Operations and Executing Large projects. He started his career at the Visakhapatnam Steel Plant, in 1987 as MT(T) and was conferred with prestigious “JAWAHAR AWARD” in the year 1999-2000 for his exemplary performance .At present, he is working as Director (Production) and Director (Personnel)-in NMDC Ltd. Under his leadership, NMDC achieved as no. 1 in India and no.8 in Global Iron Ore producer. He has also played a pivotal role in construction and successful commissioning of 3 MTPA Green Field Steel Plant (NMDC Steel Ltd.) at Nagarnar. He is the recipient of many awards like “Best Executive Director /NMDC/ Corporate Management Innovative Excellence Awards 2021-22 by Geomintech and “Leading Director Award 2023” by Greentech Foundation.In acknowledgment of its unwavering focus and dedication to achieve excellence in quality and delivery in this field of Iron and Steel Industry, Industry Outlook conferred Sri Dilip Kumar Mohanty as “One of the Top 10 Leaders & Achievers From Iron & Steel Industry 2023”

  • Industry and Management
    Shri D. B. Sundara Ramam
    B. Sc. Engineering, Mining Engineering, 1990
    Mr. D B Sundara Ramam is a B.Sc. Engineering (Mining) graduate from NIT Rourkela in 1990. Mr. Sundara Ramam he joined Tata Steel in 1990 as a Graduate Trainee followed by General Management Program from XLRI, Jamshedpur in 1999. With over 33 years of experience, he has held key leadership positions in the Coal, Iron ore & Ferro Alloys Division of Raw Material Division apart from serving as the Principal Executive Officer (PEO) to the CEO & MD of Tata Steel. In addition, he has been instrumental in promoting diversity and inclusion in the mining workforce. He has also completed several prestigious training programs both in India and overseas such as Tata Group Executive Leadership Development Program, the UK, Senior Executive Management Program at CEDEP, France, Training program at Sustainable Mineral Institute (Brisbane, Australia) and Global Leadership Development Program. He has received awards such as the Corporate Purush Award by Jamshedpur Citizen Forum and the Mining Hall of Fame award by NIT Rourkela. He serves as the Director in the Governing Boards of Tata Steel Mineral Canada Limited – Canada, Minas De Benga (Mauritius) Ltd, and Tata Steel Global Procurement Ltd – Singapore and also serves as the Vice President of National Council of Mining Engineers’ Association of India.


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Birthdays Today

Abhishek Garg
B.Tech. M.Tech Dual Degree, 2016, EE
Ajas Muhammed M S
B.Tech., 2018, ME
Akanksha Shivanee
B.Tech., 2022, CE
Ambrish Nayak
B.Tech., 1988, ME
Anil Kumar Rana
B.Tech., 2018, FP
Annavajhala Mrudula
B.Tech., 2012, CH
Atul Anurag
MBA, 2022, SM
B Srikanth
B.Tech., 1993, MN
Binodini Pradhan
M.Sc., 2007, MA
Bishwanath Sahoo
B.Tech., 1998, ME
Bismoy Ranjan Pati
B.Tech., 2008, ME
Bollavaram Sai Sandeep
B.Tech., 2020, CS
Chandrika Kumari
Ph.D., 2019, BM
Chinmaya Sahu
Ph.D., 2018, ME
Chinmaya Sahu
M.Tech., 2012, ME
Chirasmita Behera
MCA, 2004, CS
Chittaranjan Nayak
B.Tech., 2007, EI
Choudhury Sasmita Das
M.Tech., 2012, EE
Debasish Behera
B.Tech., 2019, ME
Debendranath Sarangi
B.Tech., 1985, EE
Debesh Purohit
B.Tech., 1996, CH
Deepak Puthal
M.Tech., 2012, CS
Deepak Kumar Thakur
B.Tech., 2019, CE
Dhirendra Nath Mathur
B.Tech., 1980, ME
Diptiranjan Sahoo
B.Tech., 2008, EE
Ekta Sharma
B.Tech., 2022, ID
Gadi Chanukya Reddy
M.Tech., 2007, ME
Gobinda Das
M.Tech., 2018, CE
Haripriya Sahoo
B.Tech. M.Tech Dual Degree, 2017, CE
Jagannath Prasad Routray
B.Tech., 2004, MM
Jogipilli Leela Krishna
M.Tech., 2019, EC
Johar Kumar Patra
B.Tech., 1985, EE
K.Krishna Rani Samal
Ph.D., 2022, CS
Kambupani Meher
M.Tech., 1993, EE
Kundan Mishra
Integrated M.Sc., 2019, MA
L. K Das
M.Sc., 2001, MA
Lakesh Kumar Ravi
Integrated M.Sc., 2014, MA
Lakshi Narayan P R.
B.Tech., 1983, ME
Madhusmita Sahu
M.Tech.(RES), 2014, ME
Mallikarjuna Naik B
M.Tech., 2012, EC
Mangaraj Sahoo
M.Tech., 2004, CS
Mani Bhushan
B.Tech., 2015, MM
Naga Srilekha Thummalacheruvu
B.Tech., 2020, EC
P. G Mahesh
B.Tech., 1996, CH
Prabhat Kumar Sahani
B.Tech., 2022, CS
Prabhat Kumar Mishra
M.Tech., 2003, MM
Praveen N
M.Tech., 2009, EC
Praveen Kumar Chopra
B.Tech., 1993, CS
Pritam Kumar Acharya
B.Tech., 2022, MN
Priyadarshi Das
Ph.D., 2022, CE
Priyadarshini Das
M.Tech., 2010, CE
Priyadarshini Padhi
M.Sc., 2014, LS
Raj Kumar
B.Tech., 1998, EE
Rakesh Panda
B.Tech., 1998, CS
Ram Man Bahal
B.Tech., 1992, MN
Rama Chandra Paital
M.Tech., 2011, CS
Rupashree Prusty
M.Tech., 2003, CS
Sai Om Anil Kumar Sethi
B.Tech., 2006, CH
Sai Ravi Teja Varma Manthena
Integrated M.Sc., 2015, MA
Salgar Manojakumar Madhuka
M.Tech., 2013, ME
Sambit Kumar Mishra
Ph.D., 2019, CS
Sarada Prasanna Dash
B.Tech., 2009, EC
Saroj Kumar Pradhan
B.Tech., 2006, ME
Satya Narayan Mishra
B.Tech., 1986, MN
Satya Narayan Sabat
B.Tech., 1999, CH
Sauvagya Behera
B.Tech., 2013, CH
Shivani Sharma
B.Tech., 1999, CS
Simanchala Prasad Khadanga
B.Tech., 1986, CE
Sinil Kumar Rawat
B.Tech., 1987, MM
Soumya Ranjan Nayak
M.Tech., 2017, ME
Soumya Ranjan Mohapatra
M.Tech.(RES), 2015, EE
Sridhar Kumar Panigrahi
B.Tech., 2011, MM
Subhendu Pattnaik
B.Tech., 2003, EE
Subhrajyoti Nath
B.Tech., 2019, EE
Subrat Mishra
MCA, 1991, CS
Subrata Das
B.Tech., 1990, ME
Suchismita Roy
B.Tech., 1994, CS
Sudeshna Banerjee
MCA, 1999, CS
Sudin Chatterjee
B.Tech., 1999, MM
Sujit Kumar Dash
M.Tech., 1996, CE
Suresh Kumar Sahu
B.Tech., 1988, MN
Swati Joshi
M.Tech., 2010, EE
Swayam Bikash Mishra
Ph.D., 2016, ME
Swayambodha Mohapatra
B.Tech., 2019, CS
Syed Rizwan
M.Tech., 2017, ME
T. P Unnikrishnan
B.Tech., 1991, MN
Vanga Tulasi Krishna
B.Tech. M.Tech Dual Degree, 2015, CS
Vemula Bharath Kumar
M.Tech., 2022, EE
Vikash Singhal
B.Tech., 2018, EC
Vippa Shiva Teja
B.Tech., 2017, FP
Zefree Lazarus Mayaluri
Ph.D., 2020, EE
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