How to Contribute

Your support is solicited in terms sponsoring specific projects. Your support of a particular project will be recognized by way of naming buildings, facilities, Chair Professorships, Scholarships, etc. after you or after someone whose memory you would want to be perpetuated.

It is needless to say that such sponsorships would be income tax exempted for both corporate bodies and individuals, with 100% exemption on donations under section 80G of Indian Income Tax Act. For details please visit "Income Tax Rebates" option. For making your donation, please choose the following options.

Wire Transfer :
Account Name : NIT Rourkela Alumni Fund
Account No : 31446923318
Branch : SBI REC Rourkela Branch
IFSC Code : SBIN 0002109

Payment by Cheque :
The cheque should be in favor of "Director, National Institute of Technology Rourkela"


  Alumnus Prof. Ashutosh Dutta has been elevated to the grade of IEEE Fellow
  Distinguished Alumnus Mr. Prakash Chandra Patnaik received prestigious Scientific Achievement Award from NATO STO

Birthdays Today

Adarsh Bhuyan
B.Tech. M.Tech Dual Degree, 2017, EE
Aditya Grover
M.Tech., 2016, CE
Alapan Bhowmik
B.Tech., 2009, CE
Apurv Dash
B.Tech., 2013, CR
Arpit Kumar Baranwal
M.Tech., 2014, EE
Ashish Narayan
Integrated M.Sc., 2019, PH
Biswa Bhusan Biswal
B.Tech., 2012, CS
Chittranjan Patra
B.Tech., 1985, CE
Deepanjan Roy
B.Tech., 2008, MM
Ekhlakur Rahman
M.Tech., 2018, EC
Gouri Shankar Bhuyan
B.Tech., 1986, CE
Hillol Chakraborty
B.Tech., 2015, CS
Jitendra Kumar Gupta
MCA, 2007, CS
Jyotirmaya Pradhan
B.Tech., 2005, CS
Kalagarla Swapna
B.Tech., 2006, CS
Kiran  h R.
B.Tech., 1994, ME
Leichombam Victor Singh
B.Tech., 2003, EI
Manish Verma
M.Tech., 2013, CS
Manu Kalia
B.Tech., 2008, ME
Pankaj Singhal
B.Tech., 2000, EE
Pradeep Kumar Panigrahi
B.Tech., 1980, EE
Pranit Kumar Purohit
B.Tech., 2015, ID
Pranoy Panda
B.Tech., 2019, EC
Prashant Kumar Azad
M.Tech., 2015, ME
Pratyush Dwivedi
B.Tech. M.Tech Dual Degree, 2016, EE
Purnendu Mishra
B.Tech., 1994, EI
Rahul Shankar
B.Tech., 1992, EE
Rajaphani Varma Dandu
M.Tech., 2008, ME
Rajeev Ranjan
M.Tech., 2016, EE
Rajendra Kumar Biharilal Khanna
B.Tech., 1986, CE
Rajesh Sarkar
M.Tech., 2015, CE
Rajesh Kanungo
B.Tech., 1990, CH
Rajesh Rout
B.Tech., 1987, MM
Raka Singh
B.Tech., 1998, EI
S R Akhil Krishna
M.Tech., 2014, ME
Samir Kumar
M.Tech., 2015, CS
Sanatan Das
B.Tech., 1993, EE
Sandeep Behera
B.Tech., 2013, EE
Saurav Kumar
B.Tech., 2016, ME
Shovam Mahapatra
M.Tech., 2017, CE
Shree Prakash
M.Tech.(RES), 2014, CS
Somnath Manna
B.Tech., 2006, ME
Sudhir Saha
B.Tech., 2012, MM
Sudhir Chandra Nayak
B.Tech., 1988, ME
Susanta Mahapatra
B.Tech., 1996, MM
Sushree Sangeeta Pradhan
M.Sc., 2015, MA
Susmita Mohanta
M.Sc., 2012, CY
Uday Kumar Balla
B.Tech., 1986, MM
Varun Shrivastava
M.Tech., 2014, EC
Vinay Mandal
B.Tech., 2003, CS
Yellakara Purnananda Hari
M.Tech., 2019, EC
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