How to Contribute

Your support is solicited in terms sponsoring specific projects. Your support of a particular project will be recognized by way of naming buildings, facilities, Chair Professorships, Scholarships, etc. after you or after someone whose memory you would want to be perpetuated.

It is needless to say that such sponsorships would be income tax exempted for both corporate bodies and individuals, with 100% exemption on donations under section 80G of Indian Income Tax Act. For details please visit "Income Tax Rebates" option. For making your donation, please choose the following options.

Wire Transfer :
Account Name : NIT Rourkela Alumni Fund
Account No : 31446923318
Branch : SBI REC Rourkela Branch
IFSC Code : SBIN 0002109

Payment by Cheque :
The cheque should be in favor of "Director, National Institute of Technology Rourkela"


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Kanchan Misra Memorial Scholarship [Read More]
Bhubanananda Rath Memorial Scholarship [Read More]

Birthdays Today

Abhilash P
M.Tech., 2018, ID
Abhishek Verma
M.Tech., 2017, ID
Abhishek Pandey
M.Tech., 2009, CS
Adyasha Priyadarshini
M.Tech., 2013, CE
Ajay Sahni
B.Tech., 1991, CH
Anuj Kumar Maurya
B.Tech., 2016, ME
Ashis Kumar
B.Tech., 2016, CH
Ashok Kumar Khatua
B.Tech., 1989, CE
Avijit Chakrabarty
M.Tech., 2018, CS
Banhi Biswajeeta
B.Tech., 2016, EC
Bharat Kumar Vishwakarma
M.Tech., 2018, CE
Bidyut Bikash Sutradhar
M.Tech., 2012, CE
Binod Sriwastawa
B.Tech., 1980, ME
Bishwadip Roy
B.Tech., 1985, EE
Deepak Kumar
B.Tech., 1994, EI
Deepak Kumar Panda
M.Tech., 2012, EC
Deepak Kumar Panda
Ph.D., 2019, EC
Dhiroj Kumar Behera
B.Tech., 2001, CS
Diptimayee Dalai
M.Tech., 2018, CE
Giriraj Angoria
B.Tech., 2015, CH
Hari Thapa
B.Tech., 1991, CE
Khan Mohammedali Asgarali
M.Tech., 2015, CE
M. Narayan Singh
B.Tech., 1988, CE
Mehul Patel
B.Tech., 1983, CH
Mohammed Hasim
B.Tech., 2020, BM
Naga Durga Rajesh Boyina
M.Tech., 2011, EE
Pallavi Kanungo
MA, 2017, HS
Pankaj Kumar
Ph.D., 2019, ME
Pawan Kumar Goyal
B.Tech., 1989, ME
Philomina Ekka
B.Tech., 2012, CR
Prakash Kumar
MCA, 2007, CS
M.Tech., 2018, CS
R Sudharshan Kaarthik
B.Tech., 2010, EE
Radheshyam Mahapatro
B.Tech., 1986, EE
Rajat Meena
B.Tech., 2016, ID
Rajesh Kumar Sonker
B.Tech., 1993, ME
Raksha Pal
M.Sc., 2019, CY
S. R.S Krishna
B.Tech., 1983, EE
Sambit Sarangi
B.Tech., 2014, ME
Sambit Kumar Maharana
B.Tech., 2019, CH
Sandeep Kumar
M.Tech., 2014, EE
Senggam Wakhet Singpho
M.Tech., 2014, BM
Shantanu Kumar Pati
B.Tech., 1989, MN
Shanu Kumari
Integrated M.Sc., 2016, CY
Shyam Sundar Sethi
B.Tech., 1988, MM
Sidharth Sharma
B.Tech., 2012, EE
Snigdha Banani
B.Tech., 2020, BM
Sudip Kumar Das
B.Tech., 1986, CE
Sumit Kumar
M.Tech., 2019, CE
Suraj Kumar Sahu
M.Sc., 2019, PH
Suresh Kumar Satapathy
B.Tech., 1994, ME
Vikas Rathore
B.Tech. M.Tech Dual Degree, 2017, CH
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