Message from Dean, Alumni Relations

Dear Alumni family and friends,
I warmly welcome to all NIT Rourkela Alumni. Whether you graduated half a century ago or half year ago, the NIT Rourkela alumni is committed to build and reaffirm the ties connecting the 20,000+ members of NITR alumni family to each other and your alma mater. You all are invited to connect with us and stay engaged with the NIT RKL Alumni Family. As alumni, I urge you to be a part of all that is happening at your alma mater. Your involvement can make an enormous difference in the lives of your younger brother and sisters. As alumni, no one knows better than you the impact of the NIT

Rourkela can have on your life. In addition to your training, I’m sure you feel a part of the great NIT Rourkela family. Now more than ever, we need your involvement to help and educate the next generation of leaders. It is also found that an alumni community needs to be nurtured and we need to reach out and invite alumni to remain engaged, as well as create spaces to connect and celebrate our broader alumni community.

I am honored to serve you as dean alumni. I look forward to be working with you to make the NIT Rourkela the very best engineering Institute in the country.

Prof. Kishanjit Kumar Khatua
Dean, Alumni Relations


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Birthdays Today

Aashish Khatri
B.Tech., 2019, EC
Abhirup Acharya
B.Tech., 2020, EC
Abhishek Mondal
B.Tech., 2010, CR
Adhinarayana Moorthy Chanukya
B.Tech., 2020, CS
Ajay Kumar Tandi
B.Tech., 2009, EC
Akhil Kumar Poddar
M.Sc., 2007, CY
Amit Gupta
B.Tech., 2015, ME
Ananda Ekka
B.Tech., 1983, ME
Anjan Bontha Kur
B.Tech., 1994, EI
Arvind Kumar Thakur
M.Tech., 2016, ME
Bibhuti Prasad Mishra
B.Tech., 1984, EE
Bidisha Gogoi
B.Tech., 2017, CH
Deepak Kumar Pundir
B.Tech., 1998, EE
Dharmendra Kumar
M.Tech., 2019, EE
Dhiraj Sood
B.Tech., 1990, ME
Divya Mehta
B.Tech., 2008, EI
G. Saroj Kumar
B.Tech., 1996, EE
Gondu Naveen
B.Tech., 2020, MM
Indraneel Sengupta
M.Tech., 2018, CE
Kommaraju Swetha Madhava Rao
B.Tech., 2001, CE
Kota Vinay Kumar Reddy
M.Tech., 2015, EE
Krushnaprasad Pradhan
B.Tech., 2009, ME
Mihir Birua
B.Tech., 2012, CS
Nihar Ranjan Mohanty
M.Tech., 2016, EE
Nitin Goel
B.Tech., 1995, CH
Pabatti Venkateswra Rao
MCA, 1998, CS
Palanki Asutosh
B.Tech., 2020, EE
Pooja Pandey
M.Tech.(RES), 2015, CE
Pruthwik Mishra
B.Tech., 2010, CS
Raghuveer Allamneni
M.Tech., 2006, EC
Rakesh Kumar Sonkar
M.Tech., 2013, ME
Ramachandra Saravanakumar
B.Tech., 1988, ME
Ramesh Chandra Jha
B.Tech., 1986, CE
Rohit Kumar Verma
B.Tech., 2017, BM
Saima Imam
M.Tech., 2017, EE
Sanjay H Rao
B.Tech., 1997, MM
Sanup Kumar Panda
B.Tech., 2012, MM
Siddapureddy Sudheer
M.Tech., 2008, ME
Sumit Kumar Banerjee
M.Tech.(RES), 2016, CE
Umesh Kumar Vishwakarma
M.Tech., 2011, ME
Unmesh Dutta Bordoloi
B.Tech., 2004, CS
Vysyaraju Prudhvi Sai
B.Tech. M.Tech Dual Degree, 2020, EC
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  Diamond Jubilee Global Alumni Meet
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