How to Contribute

Your support is solicited in terms sponsoring specific projects. Your support of a particular project will be recognized by way of naming buildings, facilities, Chair Professorships, Scholarships, etc. after you or after someone whose memory you would want to be perpetuated.

It is needless to say that such sponsorships would be income tax exempted for both corporate bodies and individuals, with 100% exemption on donations under section 80G of Indian Income Tax Act. For details please visit "Income Tax Rebates" option. For making your donation, please choose the following options.

Wire Transfer :
Account Name : NIT Rourkela Alumni Fund
Account No : 31446923318
Branch : SBI REC Rourkela Branch
IFSC Code : SBIN 0002109

Payment by Cheque :
The cheque should be in favor of "Director, National Institute of Technology Rourkela"

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Birthdays Today

A. Muthu Kumar
B.Tech., 2004, EI
Abhisek Prusty
B.Tech., 2014, EC
Abhisek Kumar Behera
M.Tech., 2011, EE
Animesh Sarkar
B.Tech., 1983, MM
Ashis Das
M.Sc., 2011, CY
Ashish Kalia
M.Sc., 2014, MA
Chittaranjan Jena
B.Tech., 1987, CE
Das Mamata
MCA, 1997, CS
Debasis Panigrahi
B.Tech., 1997, CH
Deepak Kumar
B.Tech., 2015, MN
Deepak Kumar
B.Tech., 2009, ME
Dibya Ranjan Behera
B.Tech., 1989, ME
Dilip Kumar Dalai
B.Tech., 2004, CS
Dillip Ku Sahoo
M.Tech., 1994, CE
Dillip Kumar Mohanty
B.Tech., 1987, MM
Inamdar Anand Sunil
B.Tech., 2009, ME
Jashashree Ray
Ph.D., 2015, PH
Kartheka Sri Vardhan
M.Tech., 2015, EC
Kumari Shipra
MCA, 2008, CS
Lekhraj Belchandan
M.Tech., 2012, CS
Manjeet Vashistha Kanojiya
B.Tech., 2012, EE
Mrutyunjaya Dalabehera
B.Tech., 2008, CH
Nirmal Tirkey
M.Tech., 2017, ME
Pol Mahesh Shahaji
M.Tech., 2014, ME
Prakash Kumar Bhoi
B.Tech., 1996, EE
Priti Patel
M.Sc., 2015, LS
Rahul Nainwal
B.Tech., 1997, MM
Raj Kumar
Integrated M.Sc., 2017, MA
Raja Tripathy
B.Tech., 2003, MM
Rajeeb Kumar Panigrahi
B.Tech., 2009, CS
Rajooru Satishkumar Reddy
B.Tech., 2016, ME
Ranjan Kumar Behera
Ph.D., 2017, MM
Rasmita Tripathy
M.Tech.(RES), 2013, CE
Ripu Sudan Agarwal
B.Tech., 2013, MM
Rohit Omar
M.Tech., 2013, CH
Ronald Wilson Beck
B.Tech., 2007, ME
Rudra Mohan Nayak
B.Tech., 1986, EE
Sambit Mishra
B.Tech., 1996, EI
Sambit Kumar Bharimalla
B.Tech., 2004, ME
Samson Bag
B.Tech., 1985, ME
Sanghamitra Parija
B.Tech., 1991, CS
Santhapuri Prathyusha
B.Tech., 2017, CH
Shantanu Awasthi
B.Tech., 1989, MM
Sourav Ranjan Tarai
B.Tech., 2013, EE
Subas Chandra Mohapatra
B.Tech., 1994, ME
Subhalaxmi Sial
M.Tech., 2016, CE
Subhransu Sekhar Nayak
B.Tech., 1996, EI
Subrat Pani
B.Tech., 1991, EE
Sudhansu Sekhar Mishra
B.Tech., 2006, EE
M.Sc., 2017, CY
Utsav Saraf
B.Tech., 2007, CS
Vikas Kumar
B.Tech., 2005, EE
Vundela Manoj Reddy
M.Tech., 2017, EE
Yayati Kishore Mohanta
B.Tech., 2013, CH
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