Nothing is too small to know, and nothing is too big to attempt.
-William Van Horne

Literacy & Cultural Society

About Literacy Cultural & Artistic Society
India has a long history in the performing arts. The great Indian epics have always formed the theme for many of our plays. The performing arts include dance, music, theatre and literature in its most compact definition. NIT Rourkela has a number of societies catering to performing arts, the most significant among them the Literary and Cultural society and the Film and Music society functioning under the common umbrella of the Student Activity Centre. These societies present the students a conduit to

bring out their extra academic talents. The benefits of extra academic activities and a venue for their performance cannot be overstated. These societies have a number of satellite societies attached to them.

The Literary and Cultural society looks after literary, drama and cultural activities. It arranges debates, quiz and a variety of other competitions both inter-NIT and intra NIT. It also organizes the NITRUTSAV every spring in the month of February.

The Film and Music Society conducts music competitions and organizes the Celebrity NITE every year wherein great musicians give enthralling performances. A number of films from India and abroad as well as a week long film festival are its other activities.
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