Seminar Title
Noise Detection Based Adaptive Control of Dual Staged Grid Interfaced PV System
Seminar Type
Departmental Seminar
Electrical Engineering
Speaker Name
Pragnyashree Ray (519ee1008)
Speaker Type
Seminar room (EE 401)
Date & Time
12 Oct 2022 5:15 PM
Prof. Pravat Kumar Ray, Phone: 2412
In this paper, an adaptive controller is designed for a grid integrated photovoltaic (PV) system. The PV voltage is continually monitored and regulated by the boost converter by tracking maximum power point. The proposed control scheme employs a noise detection-based technique for active power filtering (APF) along with its basic function of power management. It addresses various issues of a grid interconnected PV system such as reduction of grid current harmonics, regulation of DC-link voltage etc. besides managing power distribution between grid, load and PV system. This strategy is used to generate reference signals for controlling the grid interfaced PV voltage source inverter (VSI). Also, the behavior of the controller is observed under changing solar insolation and unbalanced load condition. Simplicity in structure, faster convergence rate, frequency adaptive detection and better steady state behaviour are the key features of the noise detection-based controller. Further, the performance of the controller is executed and studied with the help of simulation in MATLAB/Simulink and investigated by implementing this to an experimental prototype of the presented system.