Seminar Title
Vibration and Buckling of Cracked Laminated Composite Beam with Crack Detection Using Fuzzy Logic
Seminar Type
Defence Seminar
Civil Engineering
Speaker Name
Priyadarshi Das ( Rollno : 517ce8004)
Speaker Type
Hybrid mode (Seminar Hall, Department of Civil Engineering/Through Google Meet (Code:-
Date & Time
12 Oct 2022 10.30 AM
Prof. Shishir Kumar Sahu

The laminated composite beams (LCB) witnessed a significant extent of progress in applied engineering applications due to good stiffness to weight, lightweight character and good tailoring ability. However, affected by various static and progressive dynamic loading, crack or crack-like structural defects are inevitable in LCBs. Mounting on significant and potential research aspects, the present investigation is devoted to the structural analysis of LCBs in intact and cracked state by frequency monitoring under free vibration and buckling load variations. Besides, a novel crack detection technique is presented using free vibration and buckling data with Fuzzy Logic Soft Computing tool. The present thesis offers a detailed free vibration and buckling analysis of industry-driven bi-directional woven glass/epoxy and carbon/epoxy LCBs with and without open transverse cracks through experimental and numerical approaches. Fuzzy Logic tool is employed to train the vibration and buckling data in order to scale the crack location and size. The crack detection using buckling data with Fuzzy Logic aid has never been attempted before and thus, the present research work is established as a debut attempt. The Fuzzy Logic analysis is performed on MATLAB platform using a Hybrid Mamdani FIS