Seminar Title
An Investigation on Solar Photovoltaic Power fed Induction Motor Drive
Seminar Type
Synopsis Seminar
Electrical Engineering
Speaker Name
Ankireddy Narendra ( Rollno : 516ee1002)
Speaker Type
EE Seminar Room EE-205
Date & Time
10 Aug 2022 5:15 PM
Prof. Venkata Ramana Naik N.

India is the third biggest primary energy consumption country in the world, in which about 60% of electricity generation is from fossil fuels. As increasing the power generation using fossil fuels, they may extinct soon due to its reduction in day by day. Inaddition, power generation using fossil fuels not only causing greater part of the pollution but also unbalance the eco system. Hence, solar energy is also one of the prominent renewable energy sources for industrial applications due to reduction in current cost of SPV panels and free of cost of solar energy. In domestic, agricultural and industrial appliances, the utilization of SPV fed motor drives increases the demand in day by day. Therefore, now a days the main research is focused on towards SPV fed AC drive especially induction motor (IM) appliances. The background of research pertaining to the evolution of various configuration of SPV fed IM drive and control so that it can be effectively employed in required applications. Moreover, the problem associated with the SPV system is the output power is variable in nature. Hence, to overcome this problem a variable speed IM drive operation is taken place. Moreover, to further reduce the overall cost of the SPV fed IM drive, the reduced switching topology is used here. In this thesis, hybrid pulse width modulation technique is used to improve the overall performance of the SPV fed IM drive and also various other reduced switching converter to further reduce the overall cost SPV fed IM drive. Moreover, entire all the proposed concepts are implemented experimentally with the help of DSPACE-1104.