Seminar Title
Cardiac Autonomic Regulation Activity in Bhang-Consuming Indian Male Volunteers: Statistical Analysis and A Comparative Study of Machine Learning Models
Seminar Type
Synopsis Seminar
Biotechnology and Medical Engineering
Speaker Name
Suraj Kumar Nayak ( Rollno : 515bm1003)
Speaker Type
BM Seminar Hall (BM-140), and MS TEAM (code: evw6q58)
Date & Time
08 Aug 2022 4.30 pm
Prof. Kunal Pal

The consumption of cannabis-based products is increasing worldwide day-by-day because of their euphoric effects. Numerous studies have reported the incidence of cardiovascular diseases and even mortality in people consuming cannabis. However, little attention has been paid to understanding the cannabis-induced alteration in the autonomic nervous system (ANS) activity, which can help in the early diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases. The current study investigated the alteration in the ANS activity of 200 Indian male volunteers due to the consumption of bhang (a cannabis-based product) using various analyses on heart rate variability (HRV) signals. The results suggested a reduction in the variability of the heart rate, increased sympathetic dominance, and a corresponding reduction in parasympathetic activity in the bhang-consuming population, which may lead to various cardiovascular diseases. These inferences can act as evidence for counseling people to stop consuming cannabis. Further, this study develops and compares different machine learning models for the automated classification of cannabis consumers and non-consumers. The study found that the logistic regression derived from AR model coefficients using ICA-based feature selection is the best ML classifier yielding the highest accuracy rate among all the developed models.