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Dynamic Analysis of Electronically Interfaced Power System
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Registration Seminar
Electrical Engineering
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Nrusingha Prasad Tripathy ( Rollno : 919ee5044)
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Date & Time
29 Sep 2023 16:15
Prof. Kanungo Barada Mohanty

Grid integration of solar energy with weak transmission line creates low frequency oscillations which if not properly addressed the system may be collapsed. To investigate the nature of low frequency oscillations small signal stability analysis of power system is performed. At present, Eigen value sensitivity analysis is regarded as an important tool and specifically, it is used to determine possible measures to improve the small signal stability of the power system by examining the sensitivity of critical Eigen values with respect to the specific control or operating parameters when the parameters experience changes. Renewable energy sources such as solar system normally provide low inertia, which allows a little time for controlling the system. The inertia emulation has recently been introduced for photovoltaic (PV) generation to fight against the small inertia and improve the energy efficiency. The increasing integration of renewable power such as solar power into the power system will weaken the power grid strength, and the short circuit ratio (SCR) at the point of common coupling (PCC) of solar power source integration will become lower. Hence, the solar energy source is more sensitive to disturbances, which would deteriorate the stability of the solar power system. Especially in the regions where solar energy source is far away from the main power grid, bulk solar energy is travelled thousands of kilometres to load centres via long transmission lines . In recent years, several power oscillation accidents have occurred, which led to tripping of renewable energy sources and caused the instability of power systems. Hence in this work the main focus will be on the details study of the dynamic stability analysis of a PV integrated power system. At first the stability analysis of PV integrated low inertia power system will be done by Eigen value sensitivity approach, then the analysis of the impact of PV sources on the power system under the influence of virtual inertia controller will be done and at last a damping controller will be designed for a PV integrated power system under weak grid scenario.