Seminar Title
Vibration analysis of an Underwater Pipeline Conveying Fluid with varying cross-section
Seminar Type
Departmental Seminar
Mechanical Engineering
Speaker Name
Mr. Bala Murugan S (Roll No. 518me3031)
Speaker Type
Seminar Hall, Mechanical Engineering Department
Date & Time
26 May 2023 11:30 AM
Prof. R. K. Behera, Email:, Ph: 0661-2462504
The use of fluid-conveying pipes in engineering applications can be found in a variety of structural systems. In the case of dynamic model analysis with fluid-structure interaction (FSI) for structures in the fields of aerospace, Biomedical, and aerodynamics engineering had numerous applications. The various industrial applications in India have a vast network with non-uniform pipelines. This paper carries the vibration analysis of a non-uniform underwater pipeline with both ends fixed boundary conditions. The mathematical model is carried out using theoretical analysis. The simulation was carried out with the help of the commercial package MATLAB® application. The stability of the fluid in the varying cross-section is the key factor in the residual stress generation. This study focuses on the expansion and contraction effects on the pipe caused by the external force and the residual stresses. An understanding of such unstable system behavior is required for improving the system design and analyzing the damage effects. Further, future work would focus on experimental studies.