Seminar Title
Multiwavelet Sets, Multiframelet Sets and Related Systems on Qp
Seminar Type
Defence Seminar
Speaker Name
Debasis Haldar ( Rollno : 516ma1005)
Speaker Type
Seminar room of Mathematics Department (in hybrid mode)
Date & Time
26 May 2023 11:00 am
Prof. Divya Singh

It is well known that every element of a separable Hilbert space can be represented in terms of its orthonormal basis by using the respective Fourier coefficients. Multiwavelets serve this purpose in wavelet theory. Multiwavelet is a collection of finitely many functions whose dilates followed by translates give an orthonormal basis. Multiframelets are generalization of multiwavelets. Multiframelets provide more flexibility in the representation of an element of the space under consideration. These concepts were initially studied for the Euclidean space Rn and later on this study was extended to more general spaces like local fields of positive characteristic. In the same spirit, we have established results related to muliwavelets/multiframelets for Qp. Multiwavelet sets/multiframelet sets provide a special class of muliwavelets/multiframelets. Multiwavelet and multiframelet sets can be constructed by using scaling sets, generalized scaling sets and frame scaling sets. MRAs also generate wavelets and a generalization of MRA is FMRA. We have studied the above mentioned concepts along with their properties, some characterizations and related examples in L2(Qp).