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Network Infrastructure

Institute has both cable and Wifi network
  1. Around 6000 cable network nodes in Campus which includes all hostels, departments and administrative building.
2. Wifi network in also available in hostels and departments.
3. Internet connectivity: 24x7 Internet connectivity is available in campus with aggregated bandwidth of 200MBPS.
4. Two L-3 core switches.
5. Prime network devices:-
  • Two L3 Core switches (Extreme BD 8810)
  • Approximately 40 distribution switches (Summit x350)
  • Approximately 200 edge switches (Summit x150)
  • Two wireless controllers ( Extreme WM 3700)
  • Approximately 100 nos of wireless APs (Extreme Altitude 4620)
  •   6. Two numbers of UTM devices (Cyberoam 2500 iNG) for:
  • Gateway antivirus and antispam
  • Web and application filter
  • IDS and IPS
  • Firwall & Routing
  • ISP Bandwidth Management
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