The only alternative to coexistence is codestruction.
-Jawaharlal Nehru

Computer Centre (CC)

The institute computer centre is equipped with most modern and advanced
infrastructure to provide a distributed computing environment to cater to the computing and networking needs of the inmates of the institute. The centre has a state of art Computer Network along with blade server and HPC infrastructure. The Computer Center is providing laboratory class facility to B.Tech 1st year & 2nd year and M.Sc students as part of their academic curriculum. It has a wide range of specialized licensed software mined in the software vault of the institute intranet for easy use of researchers. Frequently the centre organizes training programs on specialized software by specialized trainer for students, researchers and staffs. The computer centre also has many dedicated logical servers such as HPC, Mail server, Backup server, Intranet server, Library server, Authentication server, FTP server, NPTEL server, Blog server, Antivirus server, etc. which provide dedicated resources to different applications.
Existing Server, HPC, Network Infrastructure at computer center
  • Zimbra email solution for 6000 users.
  • HPC: 2T Flops raw processing capacity with FDR infiniband switch. GPU with NVDIA Tesla.
  • Storage Area network (SAN) with 100TB storage.
  • Virtualized server infrastructure with 14 licenses of VMWARE.
  • Server backup infrastructure with LTO 3200 and Tivoli Storage Manage (TSM).
  • Server infrastructure supported by ten HS22 IBM Blade Server with 96 GB RAM.
  • Network infrastructure with Network Access Control (NAC) for endpoint security.
  • Network infrastructure with 10G fiber backbone supported by Extreme BD 8810 core switch.
  • Campus facilitated by Videoconferencing and VoIP facility.
  • Unified Thread Management (UTM) by two Cyberoam 2500 ING box running with High Availability.
  • 200 MBPS internet bandwidth for users.
  • Proposed plan to be implemented shortly at computer center
  • L-2 Datacenter.
  • Citrix for laboratory with 250 nodes
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