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Building of Scanning Electron Microscope: A Student's Project

Director’s Message

The Human Brain is the most sophisticated device ever built. And God Himself is the designer. One unique feature of his design is that this apparatus can create simple and not-so-simple instruments; all it requires is simple determination to do so. The Electron Microscope is one of those not-so-simple instruments invented close to a century ago. With time it has grown in sophistication and capability. Also with time many sub-components have become robust and readily available off-the-shelf. The net effect is – IT IS POSSIBLE TO DESIGN AND BUILD AN ELECTRON MICROSCOPE THROUGH STUDENT PROJECTS. At least that is what we concluded after going through an elaborate debate. I am indeed happy that our faculty colleagues and students have taken it seriously. Under the captaincy of Prof. Dilip Pradhan of Physics and Dr. Smrutishikha Bal of MM Department a team of students is working seriously towards realizing a working SEM. The Institute remains committed to supporting this project in all physical, financial and psychological dimensions. Once again, let us prove our creator right – THE HUMAN BRAIN CAN ACHIEVE ANYTHING THAT IT DECIDES TO ACHIEVE.

Specific Aim :
To design, develop and manufacture one scanning electron microscope

Aim & Objective

Currently rapid advances are being made in the indigenous development of technology and hardware. Adequate practical knowledge in the state of the art technology is always preferred along with book knowledge for better grooming of budding scientists & technologists. Craving the pathway towards the goal to make one DIY SEM (Do It Yourself Scanning Electron Microscope), students of this institute and the future technocrats of country have undertaken a project “Building of SEM” with the available resources within a designated span of time.

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moment of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

An Innovative Attempt-

The project is a reinforcement of Director Prof. S.K Sarangi’s ambitious, yet visionary idea with collective effort of the SEM team members. It can take student’s level of encouragement, their preparedness & effectiveness to newer heights. Accelerated with the drive to strengthen & modernize the idea, it began bluntly advocating technological upgradation.


“Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.


Product development and lab prototype to industry are the key issues of present day research. Generated as a brainchild of our honorable Director Sir, the theme of the project “building of scanning electron microscope” has taken birth. To work in this direction, the team had to come up with innovative working ideas and preceded plans. Finally the organizational committee decided on the idea of a debate; and this resulted in conducting a debate titled ‘Can an electron microscope be built using students project.’ The motive of the debate was to decide upon the pros and cons of undertaking the project, along with the idea to check the enthusiasm and level of preparation of the students. Considering the present scenario we can deduce that at a national and international level we are somewhere lagging behind when it comes to getting our hands dirty with process of fabrication and manufacturing. To fill this gap the project is a small initiative in the direction and aims at inculcating a trend of fabrication of sophisticated scientific instruments indigenously with the help of available resources.


Sophisticated instruments are definitely a major fragment of the research arena. Various instruments that benefit the students to advance their research customarily are imported. Inspired by the idealistic thought of our Director, the wheel started rolling on with a mission to indigenously produce and develop these instruments. Further the knowledge should not be limited to books or in the premises of theories, but should be expanded to the practical horizons. To evoke the spirit, to expertise and to have hands on experience on sophisticated instruments, the journey to face the challenge for making of SEM would definite be a successful one.


Stepping towards an ambitious scientific endeavor, the project  “ building of scanning electron microscope ” turns to be one novel but pragmatic approach in recent scenario of research and product development.

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