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-Thomas A. Edison

Computational Resources

A large computing and communication infrastructure is the backbone of a modern university. The NIT campus has over five thousand computers of varying configuration and capacity, all networked over a widely dispersed Ethernet network laid over 10Gbps fiber optic back bone. The computer centre is a service centre performing five essential functions:

  • To set up and operate the server infrastructure
  • To house and maintain the network switches and communication infrastructure
  • To support and assist users in getting the best out of the computing resources
  • To install and maintain commonly used general and technical software, to run large laboratory classes
  • To create software for automating institute services

  • The Centre is equipped with modern and advanced computing infrastructure that provides a distributed computing environment addressing to the computing, networking and communication needs of the institute. It houses many dedicated logical servers, such as Mail server, Intranet server, Library server, Authentication server, FTP server, NPTEL server, Blog server, SCM server, i-Manager sever, etc., which provide dedicated resources to different applications.

    It is also in the process of installing a High Performance Computing (HPC) environment to support computationally intensive research in diverse fields, from chemistry and mathematics to chemical to process simulation, CFD, Bioinformatics, Structural Mechanics and industrial design. The centre also offers a wide range of software ranging between Microsoft Office, Auto CAD drafting package and Matlab to Ansys & Solidworks.

    The staff members of the centre, guided by selected faculty, are also engaged in developing “Office Automation Software” that automate the administrative and technical services offered by the institute.The centre provides a Helpdesk accessible to every student, faculty, guest, researcher and to members of the community.
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