Experience is something you don't get until just after you need it.
-Steven Wright

Industrial Design (ID)

Faculty Profile
Dr. Mohammed Rajik Khan
Assistant Professor

Ph.D. (IIIT Jabalpur)

Joined the Institute in 2011
Department of Industrial Design, National Institute of Technology, Rourkela, PIN - 769008, ORISSA, INDIA
FD-43, NIT Campus NIT, Rourkela
Geometric Modeling, CAD, CAE, Innovative Product Design, Human factors in Product Design, CAD based Industrial Ergonomics, Rapid Prototyping and Tooling, Electro Magnetic Welding, Bio-Mechanical
Awarded Design & Manufacturing Proficiency prize for the best thesis in Mechanical Engineering Discipline in the Graduating class of Doctoral Programme (Ph.D.), 2012, IIITDM Jabalpur, India.
Member, Life time, International Association of Engineers (IAENG) Society of Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering
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