Technology Incubation Cell (TIC)

The primary function of the Technology Incubation Cell (TIC) is maturation of technology and promotion of entrepreneurship by helping start-up businesses become technically successful; TIC at TIIR-NITR shall provide a technology-conducive environment with necessary strategic and operational support services. TIC will invite, assist and administer established or nascent industrial units engaged in development of new products or processes. The incubating units can be extensions of established industries working in collaboration with NIT faculty, students and staff or nascent units created out of the innovation of NIT faculty, students and alumni.

Business Incubation Cell (BIC)

The mission of the Business Incubation Cell is to “develop institutional mechanism to create entrepreneurial culture in the institute to foster growth of innovation and entrepreneurship amongst the faculty and students”. The cell will facilitate to drive them through their dream ideas to reality.

Skill Enhancement Cell (SEC)

The objective of the Skill Enhancement Cell (SEC) is to prepare the passing out students for taking up specific jobs either in industries or in business ventures. The Cell would arrange skill based training and orientation programmes and will provide the appropriate know-how's to enhance readiness for the profession of their choice.

Training and Placement Cell (TPC)

The Training and Placement Cell (TPC) will look after students' Industrial Training, Placement / Campus Interview etc., and has the following basic objectives:

  • • To build and maintain good relations with the industry, inviting companies for campus interviews, getting feedback on the students' performance etc.
  • • To keep track of all opportunities related to the placement and communicating them to the concerned.
  • • To organize personality development programs for the students.
  • • To assist the students in getting internship at various reputed organizations.

Intellectual Property Cell (IPC)

The Intellectual Property Cell (IPC) will work as a facilities for developing and promoting the intellectual property of the faculty students and staff of NIT Rourkela. This IPC aims to facilitate the protection of intellectual properties generated during the scientific pursuit in the institute. The IPC shall facilitates faculties and staff of NIT Rourkela in a proactive manner in the generation, protection and transaction of Intellectual Properties which offer potential and scope for shared benefits to both institute and inventors. Through this policy, a system will be in place to bring order into the process of knowledge generation and commercial exploitation.

Facilities and Support System (FSS)

The Facilities and Support System (FSS) in the TIIR will be manned with officer(s) and ministerial staff to facilitate any official work including documentation, record keeping, communication, coordination etc. The FSS will also help the companies in conducting various activities related to TIIR and guiding companies in various policy matters.

Common Design Unit (CDU)

The Common Design Unit (CDU) will form a common point for the companies within and outside the industries to design and develop and analyze their products and processes, plan their projects, prepare blueprints of their activities and virtually test their dream products and projects. This unit will be accessible to all the registered companies within the TIIR, all the faculty members and students of NIT Rourkela. It will also extend its facilities to the outsiders (individuals and organizations) as per the rules of TIIR.

Common Fabrication Unit (CFU)

The Common Fabrication Unit (CFU) will be the central place for realizing the design of the companies located within TIIR. It will house all the necessary machineries and equipment for fabricating and testing the products and components both mechanical electronics without duplicating the facilities available at other points in the institute. It may take up jobs from outside as per the policy guidelines of TIIR.