Developing Skills and Knowledge for Civil and Electrical and Electrical Engineering Researchers through Access to Cutting Edge Technology

23 May 2022   -   29 May 2022
Electrical Engineering
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This one-week training program will provide a platform to improve scientific and technical skills to study engineering science. The training will include hands-on practice on various equipment and their respective techniques, methodology along with their working. The program will involve training on Solar PV Simulator (AMETEK 1000Y5D-PVF), MicroLabBox (dSPACE 1202), 6 Phase Power Quality Analyzer (Yokogawa - WT1806), Mixed Domain Oscilloscope (Tektronix MDO3014), Programmable Power Source (Chroma), 3 Phase Variable Auto Transformer (Automatic Electric), dSPACE 1103, Multi Target RF Magnetron Sputtering System, 2 kW opens customized three port dc-dc converter, PV
Emulator, Lead Acid Battery, 350 W PV panel, Accelometer, fabricated test frame for dynamic testing, force transducer etc.
The training program will also allow the trainees to have lectures from expert resource persons about the principles of these techniques and their application in electrical and electronics science. Ultimately the training will enhance the scientific skills and research aptitude of the trainees.