3rd International Conference on Processing and Characterization of Materials

07 Dec 2021   -   08 Dec 2021
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
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- The third version of the international conference aims to bring the young as well as well accomplished researchers, scientists and industrial personnel to integrate the notable work of the material users, manufacturers, experimentalists and theoretical researchers and nevertheless share their field of expertise. Further the purpose of this conference is to bring recent developments in the global scenario of materials processing and characterization.
- The conference has been and will provide a platform for the interaction and exchange of ideas in various domains of material processing and characterization including but not restricted to, materials for nuclear, aviation and defense applications, energy applications, composites, high entropy alloys, high temperature and super alloys, corrosion of materials etc. Hence, the interdisciplinary approach of the conference will allow the participants to look beyond their areas of activities.

- It is envisaged that the participants will gain a complete knowledge in the above-mentioned areas from the proposed conference, which will help the budding researchers to pursue high-quality research and the practicing engineers to implement the knowledge in industries.
Materials, Processing, Characterizaion, Modelling, Composites, Corrosion