“Emerging Applications of Mathematics and Statistics in Engineering Science and Technology (EAMSEST-2022)" (online mode)

07 Mar 2022   -   11 Mar 2022
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The aim of the (STTP) EAMSEST-2022 (online mode) is to bring together college
lecturers/assistant professors and researchers in the
early stages of their individual careers who work in
various fields of engineering sciences. Participants
will be able to study the new prominent areas of
Mathematics and Statistics while also gaining
practical experience with scientific programming.
The present short-term course is intended to explore
some of the interesting topics in Mathematics,
Statistics, and Computer science, as well as their
cutting-edge applications in modern state-of-theart
technology. The participants will certainly be
benefited from this online program. The programme
includes invited lectures and practical sessions by
notable mathematicians, outstanding engineers,
and renowned scientists.