Vibration Condition Monitoring and Control for Automobile and Industrial Applications

20 Dec 2021   -   24 Dec 2021
Mechanical Engineering
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The faults and failures in the mechanical systems before any catastrophic accidents can be predicted by analysing the vibration signals obtained during their operations. Industries also understand the importance of vibration condition monitoring and have included these procedures as a part of their normal operations. Further, there is also a requirement of establishing vibration control techniques to the vibrations from the operation of heavy machineries, to prevent these disturbance affecting the functionality of surrounding equipment. Hence the Vibration based condition monitoring and control becomes two pillars of industrial operations. Condition monitoring predicts the faults in the machinery before catastrophic failure and control is used to mitigate the harmful effects of the vibration. The underlying concept in both the concept are similar. This workshop is aimed to provide a fundamental understanding of the vibration condition monitoring and vibration control and to impart the essential knowledge in health prediction and control techniques.

The course will cover the following topics
Condition monitoring :
1. Fundamentals of vibration based condition monitoring
2. Basics of Fault diagnostics
3. Signal processing techniques in time and frequency domain
4. Case studies on fault diagnosis of mechanical components
5. Training session in MATLAB
Vibration control :
1. Fundamentals of vibration control
2. Design of passive linear vibration control devices
3. Design of passive nonlinear vibration control devices
4. Training session in MATLAB