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Centralised Instrumentation Facility

NIT, Rourkela (NITR) – is a premiere institute of higher learning under the Ministry of Human Resource and Development (MHRD), GOI and is recognized as Institute of National Importance. Government of India has elevated the Regional Engineering College, Rourkela to a deemed university under the name of National Institute of Technology, Rourkela. NITR strives for creating an environment where hundreds of faculties and their thousands of students are in a teaching learning process and carry out research on subjects for wealth and well being of society.


NITR has created a massive infrastructure for R & D in most branches of engineering and science utilizing various funding sources. At NITR, no matter which agency has provided the funds, the equipment and software are available for use by the entire research community. In order to maximize the utilization of all the high end equipments and their better management, these equipments are brought under one umbrella “Centralized Equipment Facility” vide resolution of 54th Board of Governors meeting in May 2017. [Read more...]


Our Instruments

Universal Testing Machine-600kN & 1000kN

Make & Model: Instron, UK/ SATEC 600KN
Location: Department of Mechanical Engineering
Instrument Incharge: Prof. Manoj Masanta
In-charge Email Id: masantam@nitrkl.ac.in
Instrument Status: Functional

Specification: Maximum load: 600kN Heating furnace (column type, electric, electronically programmable, thermocouple equipped) Multiple test parameter controls.

Principle: based on basic theory of Tensile test, compression test, bend test

Application: Tensile test, compression test, bend test


Nanoparticle size and Zeta Potential analyzer

Make & Model: Malvern, NanoZS90
Location: Interfaces and Nanomaterials Lab
Instrument Incharge: Prof. Santanu Paria
In-charge Email Id: sparia@nitrkl.ac.in
Instrument Status: Functional

Specification: 1-1000 nm

Principle: DLS

Application: Particle size and surface potential


Vibrating Sample Magnetometer

Make & Model: Lakeshore USA / Model 7404
Location: MC125
Instrument Incharge: Prof. Prakash Nath Vishwakarma
In-charge Email Id: prakashn@nitrkl.ac.in
Instrument Status: Functional

Specification: Magnetic field -1.5T to +1.5T

Principle: Faradays law of electromagnetic induction in a coil due to change in magnetic flux.

Application: Magnetization measurement of the given material



Make & Model: PCI Analytics PKS-250F
Location: MN-340
Instrument Incharge: Prof. Surajit Das
In-charge Email Id: surajit@nitrkl.ac.in
Instrument Status: Functional

Specification: Frequency (KHz): 20, Power (W): 250, Max, Probe Dia. 1/4", Max. Crushing: 200 ml

Principle: Ultra- Sonication creates a low-pressure cycle and high-intensity ultrasonic waves to create small vacuum bubbles or voids in the liquid.

Application: Sonication is the act of applying sound energy to agitate particles in a sample, for various purposes such as the extraction of multiple compounds from plants, microalgae and seaweeds


Micro-Acoustic Doppler Velocity Meter

Make & Model: Manufactured by Xylem Analytics Contact number in INDIA Telephone: +91 124 435 4213 Email: analytics.india@xyleminc.com Web: www.xylem-analytics.in
Location: Hydraulic Engineering Laboratory
Instrument Incharge: Prof. Kishanjit Kumar Khatua
In-charge Email Id: kkkhatua@nitrkl.ac.in
Instrument Status: Functional

Specification: Sampling Rate 0.1 to 50 Hz Sampling Volume 0.09 cc Distance to Sampling Volume 5 cm Resolution 0.01 cm/s Programmed Velocity Range 3, 10, 30, 100, 250 cm/s Accuracy 1% of measured velocity, 0.25 cm/s Maximum Depth 60 m Temperature Sensor 0.1°C Compass/Tilt Sensor — Heading, Pitch, Roll Resolution 0.1° Compass/Tilt Sensor — Heading Accuracy ±2° Compass/Tilt Sensor — Pitch, Roll Accuracy ±1° Pressure Sensor Strain Gauge - Accuracy 0.1% Resonance Pressure Transducer (RPT) - Accuracy 0.01% Input Power 12-24 VDC Typical Power Consumption 2.5 to 4.0 W Operating | <1mW Sleep

Principle: SonTek Acoustic Doppler Velocimeters (ADVs), are among the most accurate and easy-to-use instruments for precise, high-resolution measurement of water velocity and related parameters. SonTek offers the widest range of models and configurations available for single point Doppler measurement, making it possible to tailor the instrument and its capabilities to the needs of our reserach work in open channel flow. Boasting a sampling volume of less than 0.09cc and sampling rates up to 50 Hz, the 16-MHz MicroADV is an ideal laboratory instrument for low flow and turbulence studies. Standard Features Three-axis velocity measurement Sensor mounted on a 25cm stem High sampling rates — up to 50 Hz Small sampling volume — less than 0.1 cm3 High accuracy: 1% of measured range Large velocity range: 1 mm/s to 2.5 m/s Excellent low-flow performance No recalibration needed Comprehensive software, including HorizonADV Proven SonTek reliability Optional Features Sensor mounted on a 40cm stem or 100cm cable Analog outputs Analog input module for synchronizing external sensors Compass/Tilt Sensor Pressure Sensor (Frequency–RPT or Paroscientific) Several probe configurations available

Application: 3 dimensional velocity measurement in open channel flow. turbulence measurement in open channel flow.



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