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Centralised Instrumentation Facility

NIT, Rourkela (NITR) – is a premiere institute of higher learning under the Ministry of Human Resource and Development (MHRD), GOI and is recognized as Institute of National Importance. Government of India has elevated the Regional Engineering College, Rourkela to a deemed university under the name of National Institute of Technology, Rourkela. NITR strives for creating an environment where hundreds of faculties and their thousands of students are in a teaching learning process and carry out research on subjects for wealth and well being of society.


NITR has created a massive infrastructure for R & D in most branches of engineering and science utilizing various funding sources. At NITR, no matter which agency has provided the funds, the equipment and software are available for use by the entire research community. In order to maximize the utilization of all the high end equipments and their better management, these equipments are brought under one umbrella “Centralized Equipment Facility” vide resolution of 54th Board of Governors meeting in May 2017. [Read more...]


Our Instruments

Differential Scanning Calorimetry

Make & Model: NETZSCH, STA409C
Location: PG Building
Instrument Incharge: Prof. Ajit Behera
In-charge Email Id: beheraajit@nitrkl.ac.in
Instrument Status: Functional

Specification: Required Sample Mass: 50 mg, Maximum Temp:8000C,

Principle: To study the decomposition and transformation temperature

Application: To know the change in phase in materials


Precision Ferroelectric Characterization System

Make & Model: Precision Premier II Ferroelectric Test System, Radiant Technologies Inc, USA
Location: MN 247
Instrument Incharge: Prof. Pawan Kumar
In-charge Email Id: pawankumar@nitrkl.ac.in
Instrument Status: Functional

Specification: Precision Premier II Ferroelectric Test System * High Voltage Interface Unit to +/-10,000V * High Voltage Amplifier to +/-10,000V * Temperature Test Fixture from RT to 150C

Principle: Sawyer-Tower measuring system is used in hysteresis measurement which measures data by measuring voltage drop across the sample. The Sawyer-Tower measuring system uses sense capacitor which is replaced with circuit in the virtual ground measurement system. Therefore virtual ground measurement has more accuracy. The virtual ground measurement consists of amplifier and Integrator circuits. The precision DRIVE terminal is connected to the sample and RETURN terminal is connected to transimpedance amplifier with a virtual ground potential. Alternating voltage is applied to the sample through drive terminal results in polarization which leads to charge. The charge flow the sample due to applied DRIVE voltage is collected by the Integrator circuit whose measured output voltage translated to the Vision software. Errors are rejected in the measurement because of DRIVE and RETURN circuit matching with respect to speed and current sinking ability. The advantages of the virtual ground measurement system are; back voltage of sense capacitor is completely avoided and the charge developed by parasitic capacitance is made zero due to its association with RETURN port.

Application: Electric Field vs. Polarization Measurements of bulk samples.


Impedance Analyzer

Make & Model: Solarton 1260 attached with solarton 1296 dielectric interface and solarton 1287 electrochemical interface
Location: Electroceramics Lab
Instrument Incharge: Prof. Swadesh Kumar Pratihar
In-charge Email Id: skpratihar@nitrkl.ac.in
Instrument Status: Non-Functional

Specification: Wide frequency range - 10 µHz to 32 MHz for solid state materials Widely referenced for materials and electrochemical research Attached with solarton 1296 materials research and solarton 1287A for electrochemistry

Principle: current and voltage measurement

Application: Fuel cell and electro-chemical characterization Materials research


Atomic Absorption spectrometer

Make & Model: True Double Beam Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer SL 176
Location: Environmental Lab
Instrument Incharge: Prof. Raj Kishore Patel
In-charge Email Id: rkpatel@nitrkl.ac.in
Instrument Status: Non-Functional

Specification: SPECTRAL Range 185 to 900 nm Bandwidth Automatic variable slit from 0 to 2.5 nm continuously variable with increment of 0.1 nm Readability 0.1 nm Accuracy ± 0.5 nm Repeatability ± 0.2 nm PHOTOMETRIC Range 0 to 2 Abs Accuracy ± 0.010 Abs at 1.0 Abs Integration Time 0.04 to 99 sec LIGHT SOURCE 6 Lamps Automatic Turret with Independent Power Supply compatible to coded and non coded HC Lamps. MONOCHROMATOR Czerney Turner 1/3 m with 1800 lines/mm Holographic Grating and Hard Coded Optics.

Principle: AAS quantitatively measures the concentrations of elements present in a liquid sample. It utilises the principle that elements in the gas phase absorb light at very specific wavelengths which gives the technique excellent specificity and detection limits.The sample may be an aqueous or organic solution, indeed it may even be solid provided it can be dissolved successfully. The liquid is drawn in to a flame where it is ionised in the gas phase.Light of a specific wavelength appropriate to the element being analysed is shone through the flame, the absorption is proportional to the concentration of the element. Quantification is achieved by preparing standards of the element

Application: Identification of trace elements like Fe, Copper, Zince, Manganese, Lead, Mercury


Table-Top Flow cytometer

Make & Model: BD ACCURI C6 Flow Cytometer
Location: MN-349,Dept of Life Science
Instrument Incharge: Prof. Sujit Kumar Bhutia
In-charge Email Id: sujitb@nitrkl.ac.in
Instrument Status: Functional

Specification: The BD Accuri™ C6 Plus personal flow cytometer is the newest generation of the BD Accuri™ platform. Enhanced sensitivity, reliability, and capabilities bring flow cytometry even more within reach for new and experienced flow cytometry researchers. With its compact 11 x 14.75 x 16.5-inch footprint, light weight of 30 lb, and operational simplicity, the BD Accuri C6 supports a wide array of applications including immunology, cell and cancer biology, plant and microbiology, and industrial applications. • Highly sensitive: MESF <75 (FITC) and <50 (PE) • Reliable instrument performance with automated QC • Optional laser filters for expanded capability Volumetric counting and continuous sampling

Principle: The basic principle of flow cytometry is the passage of cells in single file in front of a laser so they can be detected, counted and sorted.Cell components are fluorescently labelled and then excited by the laser to emit light at varying wavelengths.The fluorescence can then be measured to determine the amount and type of cells present in a sample.Up to thousands of particles per second can be analysed as they pass through the liquid stream.A beam of laser light is directed at a hydrodynamically-focused stream of fluid that carries the cells. Several detectors are carefully placed around the stream, at the point where the fluid passes through the light beam. The detectors therefore pick up a combination of scattered and fluorescent light. This data is then analyzed by a computer that is attached to the flow cytometer using special software.

Application: immunephenotyping, cell counting,apoptosis, cell cycle, DNA damage, proliferation analysis,etc



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Activities of CIF

  • Dr. Smrutisikha Bal is acting as the Institute Representative of I-STEM. Department Representatives have been created for 15 departments.
  • Process of creation of PIC of the equipment Facility coordinator, Equipment technologist/ Operator as well as uploading of equipment info are going on.
  • Details of equipment from concerned departments of NITR were collated as per I-STEM format.
  • CIF has registered detail profile of 309 facilities to I-STEM portal pertaining to 15 Departments, which are now revealing in I-STEM website (https://www.istem.gov.in)
  • The Institutional bank account has been configured successfully with Bill Desk payment gateway by I-STEM. Now, external users may request for equipment booking through online payment using Debit Card/Credit Card/Net Banking/UPI modality.

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