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Mr Peri is a Partner in M/s. PriceWaterCoopers (PWC), USA. As a member of the Risk Consulting leadership team, he leads 3 critical initiatives in the firm – building global delivery capabilities for management and risk consulting across the global delivery center network; asset and IP creation and audit transformation.

Mr Peri is a distinguished alumnus of National Institute of Technology Rourkela, India and has worked earlier with Deloitte, IBM, Reveleus, Hexaware and Coopers & Lybrand/PwC Consulting. Outside work, he is passionate about teaching and has delivered lectures at Anderson, IIM Bangalore and ISB and is currently involved in establishing the center for Advanced Analytics and Decision Sciences at his alma mater – NIT, Rourkela.

During his 23+ years of consulting career, Venkat has been an advisor at the C-suite and led a wide variety of portfolios in US and globally – CFO Advisory, Finance Transformation, CRM and Customer Analytics, Risk and Compliance and Business Analytics & Optimization. He was also a founding member of Reveleus (now part of Oracle) - a cutting edge product suite delivering integrated banking analytics. Over the last decade, working closely with the C-suite, Venkat has done seminal work in leveraging analytics more extensively in consulting delivering high impact in the areas of: bank restructuring, disease detection, fraud detection, risk based performance, terrorism prevention and anti-money laundering.

Mr Peri has an innate ability to get the big picture and has been at the forefront of leveraging best practices from one industry to the other. Recognized for his extra-ordinary talent to spot opportunities and blind-spots in the business especially for the C-suite, Venkat is often credited with coming up with portfolio of ideas to address the problems and making the insights and foresights more actionable.

Mr. Venkata Narasimham Peri
[MCA, 1991]

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