A Novel Hand Gesture Recognition system using infrared images based on 2D-Discrete Wavelet transformation and ensemble-based Convolutional Neural Network  Registration Seminar

 ABIR SEN (Roll No: 518CS1007) [Student]

 Computer Science and Engineering

 Convention Room of CSE Department (Microsoft Teams)  [07 Aug 2020 11:00]

Ocean-Atmosphere interactions in tropical cyclones over North Indian Ocean: An investigation through Observation and modeling approaches  Synopsis Seminar

 Nanda Kishore Reddy Busireddy (516ER1004) [Student]

 Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

 Online mode in the ER Department  [10 Aug 2020 11:00 AM]

Skin Cancer Detection in Dermoscopic Images using Convolutional Neural Network  Registration Seminar

 Sandhya Rani Sahoo(Roll No.: 518CS3009) [Student]

 Computer Science and Engineering

 Online mode CSE department (MS Team code: 9j75q56)  [10 Aug 2020 17:30]

Processing, Characterization and Tribo-performance Analysis of Polyester Composites Filled with Waste Marble Dust  Progress Seminar

 SANDIP KUMAR NAYAK (Roll No. 518ME1006) PhD Scholar [Student]

 Mechanical Engineering

 Online-Mode (Through MS Team)  [12 Aug 2020 10:30 AM]

Experimental Studies on Dry Machining Behavior of Ti-6Al-4V using Carbide, Cermet, and SiAlON tools  Progress Seminar

 SARTHAK PRASAD SAHOO (Roll No. 518ME1030) [Student]

 Mechanical Engineering

 Online Mode (Through MS-Team)  [12 Aug 2020 11 AM]

Study of Solar PV System for Power Generation in Surface Mines  Progress Seminar

 Ganti Praful Kumar- Roll No. 518MN1002 [Student]

 Mining Engineering

 Online mode (Through MS-Team)- Please join the group in MS-Team (CODE-j6qpiy0) through the Link-  [13 Aug 2020 4.15 PM]

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