Slope One Meets Neighborhood: Revisiting Slope One Predictor in Collaborative Filtering (International Conference on Mathematics and Computing (ICMC 2020)  Institute Seminar



 Online Mode, join meeting: 5708153  [02 Nov 2020 16:30]

Modeling and Dynamic Study of Rotor-Bearing System considering Coupling Misalignment Influence  Progress Seminar

 Subho Mukherjee (Roll No. 518ME1001) [Student]

 Mechanical Engineering

 Online Mode (Through MS-Team) [MS TEAM CODE: n5o572j]  [04 Nov 2020 10 AM]

Stabilization of Dispersive Soil by Using Industrial By-Products  Defence Seminar

 Samaptika Mohanty, Roll No. 513CE1027 [Student]

 Civil Engineering

 Civil Engineering Department, Online mode through MS Teams (Team Code: myvmr0g)  [04 Nov 2020 11.00 AM]

RFID Antennas for Biomedical Applications  Synopsis Seminar

 Tanmaya Kumar Das [Student]

 Electronics and Communication Engineering

 Online mode through MS Teams ( Team Code: e5wmrp6)  [05 Nov 2020 4.15PM]

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