Course Details

Subject {L-T-P / C} : MN5022 : Computer Application in Mining Laboratory {3-0-0 / 3}
Subject Nature : Practical
Coordinator : Dr. Tushar Gupta


Algorithms and Flowchart making/ conversion
Basic programming using MATLAB
LEM slope stability analysis using SLIDE
FEM slope assessment using Phase2
FEM soil foundation and deformation characterization using Phase2
FEM U/G coal pillar stress, deformation and stability analysis using Phase 2 and ANSYS
FEM 3D slope simulations using ANSYS
FVM based basic fluid flow simulations using ANSYS
Fluid-mechanical coupling using ANSYS
Basics of Mine Planning using SURPAC
Basics of ventilation Simulation in U/G mining
Basics of Blasting design and Simulation
Data Analysis, Regression, MVRA and Curve fitting using MS Excel and MATLAB
Artificial Neural Networks using MATLAB
Fuzzy Logic and Inference modeling using MATLAB
Hypothesis testing, z and p value calculations

Course Objectives

  1. To have a hands on experience in solving various mining Problems using computational techniques and software

Course Outcomes

Students will possess ability to use available computational techniques to solve multi faceted mining engineering and related problems and perform basic analysis for practical use.

Essential Reading

  1. Rao, Reddy and Mishra, Computer Applications in Mineral Industry, Allied Publishers
  2. SJ Morrison, Statistics for Engineering: An Introduction, Wiley

Supplementary Reading

  1. RocScience, Rocscience Web Resources, Online
  2. MATLAB, MATLAB Web Resources, Online