Course Details

Subject {L-T-P / C} : MN6122 : Rock Slope Technology {3-0-0 / 3}
Subject Nature : Theory
Coordinator : Dr. Tushar Gupta


• Introduction/ Principle
• Factors affecting stability of slope
? Geological conditions
? Geomechanically conditions
? Hydrological conditions
? External Static Stresses
? External dynamic stresses
• Geological Condition assessment and Interpolation
• Geomechanically analysis and failure criteria
• Hydrological properties and analysis
• Types of Failure
? Planer
? Wedge
? Circular
? Toppling
? Others
• Methods of Slope stability analysis
? Manual calculations
? Numerical Methods
? Stochastic Analysis
• Stabilisation of Slopes
? Load removal
? Drainage
? Retaining
? Reinforcement
§ Physical
§ Chemical
§ Biological
? Surface protection
• Slope Monitoring
? On site monitoring
§ Surface
§ Sub Surface
? Remote Monitoring
? IOT in Slope monitoring

Course Objectives

  1. To understand the basics of slope stability of natural and man made slopes.
  2. Ability to understand and identify conditions affecting slope stability, and evaluate the stability in qualitative, quantitative, and stochastic manners
  3. To understand and plan stabilization measures for designing stable slopes to remediation of unstable slopes.
  4. To identify appropriate monitoring methods for prediction and remediation of slope issues

Course Outcomes

A good insight and practice of evaluating condition based stability of natural and man made slopes, with basic skillset to propose appropriate design, stabilization and monitoring measures.

Essential Reading

  1. Duncan C. Wyllie and Christopher W. Mah, Rock Slope Engineering, Spon Press , ISBN 0-203-57083-9
  2. Abramson, Lee, Sharma and Boyce, Slope Stability and Stabilization Methods, John Wiley and Sons

Supplementary Reading

  1. Duncan, J. Michael, Soil strength and slope stability, Wiley , ISBN: 9781118651650
  2. RocScience, Rocscience Web Resources, Online