Course Details

Subject {L-T-P / C} : MN2004 : Mine Surveying {3-0-0 / 3}
Subject Nature : Theory
Coordinator : Prof. Amit Kumar Gorai


Module I: Introduction to Mine Survey
Definition of survey, importance of survey in mine, types of survey.

Module 2: Chain Survey
Distance measurement using chain/tape, Ranging & chaining of survey lines, Surveying in obstacles in chaining, Field work & Plotting of maps using chain survey.

Module 3: Compass survey
Types of compass, use of compass, bearing of a line, dial traverse and adjustments, local attractions and correction of bearings.

Module 4: Theodolite survey
Types of theodolite: seconds theodolites, micro-optic theodolites, electronic theodolites, measurement of horizontal angles and vertical angles using theodolite Traversing – surface and underground including boundary surveys and joint surveys, survey errors and their adjustments, co-ordinate calculations.

Module 5: Levelling
Types of levels, setting of level instruments and levelling staff, types of levelling methods- reciprocal levelling, profile levelling, differential levelling, reduction of levels by height of instrument method and rise and fall method, Concept of contour, Methods of contouring and uses of contours.

Module 6: Tacheometry surveying

Methods of tacheometry survey. Field work and computation

Module 7: Correlation Survey
Correlation of surface and underground surveys: Verticality of shafts, shaft depth measurement, Direct traversing in inclined shaft, correlation in vertical shaft –single and two shafts .

Module 8: Setting out curves – surface and underground.

Module 9: Computation of areas and volumes

Module 10: Special Mine Surveys

Triangulation: Classification of Triangulation systems, Triangulation figures, Base line measurements Surveys for connecting national grid, survey of installations of mine structures, EDM and its application, Surveying by Modern instruments by using GPS & Total Station.
GIS and Remote Sensing Applications in mine map preparation.

Course Objectives

  1. Understanding the role of Mine survey course in mine operations
  2. Learn the method of conducting the survey
  3. Preparing and understanding the mine maps

Course Outcomes

Students will able to learn the method of conducting the survey, preparation of mine maps

Essential Reading

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  2. . B. C. Punmia, Surveying, Vol - I, II, III, Laxmi Publication , 12th Edition, 1990

Supplementary Reading

  1. T. P. Kanetkar, Surveying and Levelling, Pune Vidyarthi Griha Prakashan , 1995
  2. S. K. Roy, Fundamentals of Surveying, Printice Hall of India Pvt., New Delhi , Third Printing, 2004