Course Details

Subject {L-T-P / C} : MN2103 : Rock Mechanics {3-0-0 / 3}
Subject Nature : Theory
Coordinator : Prof. Manoj Kumar Mishra


Module1: Introduction: Introduction to Geotechnical Engineering, Soil and rock characterization
Module 2: Physico-mechanical properties: Physical and mechanical properties including swelling potential, different strength parameters and their determination, Hydraulic properties of rocks and determination
Module 3: Rock Stress: Stresses around mine openings of different cross-sections,
Module 4: Elastic and Time dependent properties of rock: Rock Deformability and its measurement. Elastic and non-elastic behavior, influence of time on rock properties Theories of rock failure: Rock Strength, Analysis of Stress-Strain Curve, Rock failure and different failure criteria. Effect of anisotropy on rock strength
Module 5: Stress: Stress and strain in two and three dimension, Stress-Strain relationships, Mohr’s circle

Course Objectives

  1. To understand the origin of rock and soil and their different characteristics
  2. To develop and predict rock failure criteria for the area
  3. To Determine the physical, mechanical and rheological properties of rocks
  4. To draw stress-strain relations and their utility in excavation activities

Course Outcomes

To introduce geotechnical Engineering, and properties of rocks/soils
To study behavior of rocks in various underground structures including failure criteria

Essential Reading

  1. Introduction to Rock mechanics, Deb and Varma, PHP
  2. Introduction to Rock mechanics, Goodman, Easrtern Wiley

Supplementary Reading

  1. Fundamental of Rock Mechanics, Zegger, CRC
  2. Introduction to Rock Engineering, Ramamurthy, PHP