Course Details

Subject {L-T-P / C} : EE6404 : Advanced Power Electronic Converters {3-0-0 / 3}
Subject Nature : Theory
Coordinator : Prof. Monalisa Pattnaik


Isolated DC-DC converters: Forward, Fly back, Cuk, SEPIC, half bridge, push-pull and bridge in DCM and CCM, Resonant DC-DC converters: operating principle, waveforms, switching trajectory, losses and control. DC-AC converters: Single-phase and three-phase Voltage Source Inverters, Current Source Inverters, Closed-Loop Operation of Inverters. Multi-level converters: Need for multi-level inverters, Concept of multi-level, Topologies for multi-level: Diode Clamped, Flying capacitor and Cascaded H-bridge multilevel Converters configurations, features and relative comparison of these configurations applications, Introduction to carrier based PWM technique for multi-level converters. Multi-pulse Converters: Concept of multi-pulse, Configurations for m-pulse converters, AC-AC Converters: Matrix Converter, Applications of AC-AC Converters. Applications: Non-drive application of power electronic converters: back to back HVDC transmission, induction heating, UPS, static VAR compensators and active filters.

Course Objectives

  1. To impart knowledge of three-phase converters, power factor improvement techniques used in converters, harmonic reduction techniques used in inverters,multi-level inverters and their applications.
  2. To study advanced converters and switching techniques implemented in recent technology.

Course Outcomes

1.Capability in designing isolated converters.
2. Able to simulate and analyze resonant converters.
3. Ability in dynamic analysis of power Converters.

Essential Reading

  1. N. Mohan, T. M. Underland & W.P. Robbing, Power Electronics: Converter, Applications & Design, John Wiley & Sons , 2003
  2. Erickson and Maksimovic, Fundamentals of Power Electronics, Springer , 2nd edition

Supplementary Reading

  1. L. Umanand, Power Electronics Essentials and Applications, Wiley India Pvt Ltd. , 2009
  2. M. H. Rashid, Power Electronics Circuits, Devices, and Applications, Pearson Education , 2003