Course Details

Subject {L-T-P / C} : EE6340 : Industrial Automation and Control {3-0-0 / 3}
Subject Nature : Theory
Coordinator : Prof. Asim Kumar Naskar


Sensors Actuators Control valve PLC: Hardware/Software introduction & Instruction sets Digital and Analog IO modules PID tuning methods Implementing PID algorithm using Industrial Controllers Control of DC motor drives, stepper motor drives, Induction motor drives Industrial Networking and communication standards Industrial field buses Introduction to SCADA System components: software, Data Acquisition, RTUs, database connectivity and report generating HMI development: data processing, control algorithm Introduction to Distributed Control System (DCS) Industrial DCS configuration Monitoring & controlling the plant through field bus.

Course Objectives

  1. Students will have an appreciation of the necessity and difficulty of making choices between different sensors, actuators, inter connection protocols used for automation.

Course Outcomes

At the end of the course
(I) Students will be taught about different elements of industrial automation and their interconnections. (II) Students will be taught different controlling and supervising methods.

Essential Reading

  1. S. Mukhopadhay, S. Sen ,and A. K. Deb, Industrial Instrumentation Control and Automation, JAICO , 2015
  2. Krishna Kant, Computer-Based Industrial Control, Prentice Hall of India , 1997

Supplementary Reading

  1. David Bailey, E. Wright, Practical SCADA for Industry, Newnes , 2003
  2. W. Dunn, Fundamentals of Industrial instrumentation and control system, McGraw-Hill , 2005