Course Details

Subject {L-T-P / C} : EE6342 : Control of Renewable Energy Systems {3-0-0 / 3}
Subject Nature : Theory
Coordinator : Prof. Susovon Samanta


Modeling of different Renewable Energy Sources: PV, Wind, Battery, UC and Fuel Cell etc. Power converters and control for PV system: Design of dc/dc converter, single phase and three phase inverter with PV as a source, Different MPPT algorithms, DMPPT Power converters and control for wind generators: Wind turbine systems and configurations, Dynamic modeling of wind generators , Different control methods Grid integration of large-scale wind and solar resources: Grid support features of utility-scale PV with storage, Microgrids, and frequency/voltage control in islanded mode of operation, Demand response, distributed storage and smart grid concepts.

Course Objectives

  1. The objective of this course is to develop an understanding of Power Electronics and switching mode power converters for renewable applications.

Course Outcomes

At the end of the course students will be able to
• Explain the merits of using power electronic converters in renewable energy power applications.
• Discuss and design grid connected converter systems for renewables.
• Discuss and design off-grid converter systems for renewables.
• Appreciate the national and international safety standards that are relevant to grid-connected inverters for renewable applications.

Essential Reading

  1. Sudipta Chakraborty, Marcelo G. Simões, and William E. Kramer, Power Electronics for Renewable and Distributed Energy Systems: A Sourcebook of Topologies, Control and Integration, Springer
  2. Remus Teodorescu, Marco Liserre, Pedro Rodriguez, Grid Converters for Photovoltaic and Wind Power Systems, John Wiley and Sons

Supplementary Reading

  1. Nicola Femia, Giovanni Petrone, Giovanni Spagnuolo, Massimo Vitelli, Power Electronics and control for maximum Energy Harvesting in Photovoltaic Systems, CRC Press
  2. Erickson and Maksimovic, Fundamentals of Power Electronics, Springer