Course Details

Subject {L-T-P / C} : EE6248 : Condition Monitoring of High Voltage Insulation in Power System Equipments {3-0-0 / 3}
Subject Nature : Theory
Coordinator : Prof. Subrata Karmakar


Introduction: Interconnection of HV Power System Components, Insulation coordination, Future insulation monitoring requirements. Introduction of Generation and Measurement of Testing Voltages: High Voltage DC Generation, High Voltage AC Generation, High Voltage Impulse Generation, Spark gap measurement, Potential dividers, other measuring device, Corona and gap discharge current measurement. Insulating Materials Utilized In Power-System Equipment: Review of insulating materials (Solid, Liquid and Gases and Vacuum), Characterization of insulation, Deterioration and failure insulation, Electrical breakdown and operating stresses, insulation applications. Introduction to Electrical Insulation Design Concepts: Overview of insulation design requirements, Electric stress distributions in simple insulation systems, Electric stress control. Basic Methods for Insulation Assessment: Non-destructive electrical measurements, Physical and chemical diagnostic methods, Sensors for Insulation Condition Monitoring: Ultra-high-frequency sensors, Optical-fibre sensors, sensors for PD measurements. Online Insulation Condition Monitoring Techniques: Problems with offline condition monitoring, Noise-mitigation, Non-electrical online condition monitoring, Acoustic/Electric PD location methods, Electrical online condition monitoring, AI techniques for condition assessment, DGA. Insulation Testing on High Voltage Power System Equipment: Objective of HV testing, Test classification, Test procedure and Standards, Testing of HV measuring Devices, PD Test, Dielectric loss Test, Testing of HV Apparatus and Electrostatic Hazards.

Course Objectives

  1. To understand the basic concepts of condition monitoring of HV power system equipment

Course Outcomes

1. Learn the basic concepts of condition monitoring of HV power system equipment
2. Understand practical techniques to generate and measure high-voltages (DC, AC, impulse).
3. Understand the functions of various types of equipment and major components used in electrical power systems
4. Apply appropriate electrical/physical/chemical test methods for insulation assessment
5. Have detailed knowledge of the various types of electrical/physical/chemical diagnostic measurements for insulation assessment in particular partial discharge detection, measurement, and characterization.

Essential Reading

  1. Nazar Hussain Malik, A. A. Al-Arainy, and Mohammad Iqbal Qureshi, Electrical Insulation in Power System, CRC Press, New York , 1971
  2. Andrew R. Hilema, Insulation Coordination for Power Systems, CRC Press , 1991

Supplementary Reading

  1. R.E. James and Q. Su, Condition Assessment of High Voltage Insulation in Power System Equipment, The Institution of Engineering and Technology, London, United Kingdom , 2008
  2. D. Kind and K. Feser, High-Voltage Test Techniques, SAB Publications, 2nd edition , 1999