Course Details

Subject {L-T-P / C} : EE6241 : Electrical Insulation in Power Systems {3-0-0 / 3}
Subject Nature : Theory
Coordinator : Prof. Subrata Karmakar


Introduction To Electrical Insulation In Power Systems: Properties of dielectrics, Classification and applications, Design parameters, Gas Dielectrics: Gas behaviour under Zero electric field, Generation of charged particle, Deionization processes, Uniform & Non-uniform field gas breakdown, Choice of dielectric Gases, Air Insulation: Air insulation application, voltage stresses, Impulse breakdown probability, BDV Characteristics, V-T curve and Insulation coordination, Phase to Phase BDV characteristics, Arc discharge, Undesirable effect of corona, Television interference, SF6 Insulation: Basic properties, Uniform & Non-uniform field breakdown, Estimation of minimum discharge voltages, Factors affecting discharge voltages, Arc interruption, GIS, GI cables, SF6 gas handling & application, Liquid Dielectrics: Classification of Insulating Oils, Characteristics & Reconditioning of Insulating Oils, Electric conduction & Breakdown of Liquids, Solid Dielectrics: Solid Insulating Materials, Dielectric Loss, Breakdown, Vacuum Dielectrics: Pre-breakdown in vacuum, Factors affecting BDV in vacuum, BD mechanisms, VCB, Composite Dielectrics: Dielectric properties, edge breakdown, Cavity breakdown, Breakdown due to surface Erosion and tracking, Chemical and Electromechanical deterioration, Materials of outdoor Insulators, Oil-Impressed Insulation, High-Voltage Cables: Cable Materials, Type of Cables, Electric stress in cables, Cable losses, Partial discharge in Cables, Treeing in Cables, Cable aging and life estimation, Cable fault Location, Recent advances in Cable Technology, New Measurement And Diagnostic Technologies: Digital Impulse recorder, Digital Technique in HV Test, Testing automation, Electric field measurements, Electro-optic Sensor, Magneto-optic sensor, Measurement of very fast transient in GIS, Space charge measurement, Electro optical imaging Technique.

Course Objectives

  1. To learn about material composition, properties, breakdown characteristic of different type of insulation and its application.

Course Outcomes

1. Students learn about the recent trends in insulation used in power system.
2. Students learn about breakdown characteristic of different type of insulation.
3. Students can calculate electromagnetic field distribution of HV Insulation used.
4. To understand the use of HV cable in different applied voltage.
5. Students will get exposure to new measurement and diagnostic technologies.

Essential Reading

  1. Nazar Hussain Malik, A. A. Al-Arainy, and Mohammad Iqbal Qureshi, Electrical Insulation in Power System, CRC Press , New York, 1971
  2. Andrew R. Hilema, Insulation Coordination for Power Systems, CRC Press , 1991

Supplementary Reading

  1. J. P. Holtzhausen, W L Vosloo, High Voltage Engineering Practice and Theory, CRC Press, 2 edition , 2000
  2. R. Arora and W. Mosch, High Voltage and Electrical Insulation Engineering, IEEE Press, John Willy & Sons publication,New Jersey , 2010