Course Details

Subject {L-T-P / C} : EE6146 : Antenna Analysis and Synthesis {3-0-0 / 3}
Subject Nature : Theory
Coordinator : Prof. K. Ratna Subhashini


Design of Arrays: Array factor for linear arrays, uniformly excited, equally spaced Linear arrays, pattern multiplication, directivity of linear arrays, non- uniformly excited -equally spaced linear arrays, Mutual coupling, multidimensional arrays, phased arrays, feeding techniques, perspective on arrays. Antenna Synthesis: Formulation of the synthesis problem, synthesis principles, line sources shaped beam synthesis, linear array shaped beam synthesis — Fourier Series, Woodward — Lawson sampling method, comparison of shaped beam synthesis methods, low side lobe narrow main beam synthesis methods Dolph Chebyshev linear array,Taylor line source method.

Course Objectives

  1. To Introduce concepts of Antenna Arrays and their analysis.
  2. To analyze the practical antennas.
  3. Mathematically model and synthesize various antenna array configurations.

Course Outcomes

After reading the subject the student is able to understand the
• Concepts of Antenna Arrays and their analysis.
• The analytical and numerical methods for analysis of some practical antennas.
• Introduction to various radiation pattern synthesis procedures
• Problem formulation and antenna array pattern synthesis
• To equip the students with basic skills required to design Antenna arrays .

Essential Reading

  1. C. A. Balanis:, "Antenna Theory Analysis and Design", John Wiley, 3rd Edition, 2009
  2. R.S. Elliott, , Antenna Theory and Practice, , Cambridge University Press, 2008.

Supplementary Reading

  1. Kraus and R.J. Marhefka, "Antennas and Wave propagation, ", McGraw Hill, TMH, 5th" Edition, 2017
  2. . Stutzman and Thiele, Antenna Theory and Design, ", 3rdEd, John Wiley and Sons,2012