Course Details

Subject {L-T-P / C} : EE3712 : Control Systems Laboratory {0-0-2 / 1}
Subject Nature : Practical
Coordinator : Prof. Bidyadhar Subudhi


1. Study the Transient and frequency response of a second order network.
2. Study of a DC motor driven closed loop position control system
3. Study of a Position Control System using Synchro
4. Obtain speed-torque characteristics of an AC Servomotor
5. Determination of the transfer function of a system (network) using a transfer function analyser.
6. Identification of a DC Motor transfer function, position and speed control of a DC motor using PD and PID Controller via Ziegler Nichol’s tuning method
7. Study the discrete-time version of the PID controller, and to implement classical tuning rules for the digital control system
8. Modelling and control of oven for temperature control

Course Objectives

  1. To derive model of a physical system from experiment
  2. To analyse transient and steady state behviour of a control sytsem experimentally
  3. To design and implement a PID controller

Course Outcomes

CO1: Analyse a control system behaviour in time and frequency domains from experiments
CO2: To learn about the DC position and AC position servo sytems
CO3: To design and study the performance of a PID controller

Essential Reading

  1. K. Ogata, Modern Control Engineering,, Pearson Higher Education, 2002
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Supplementary Reading

  1. R.C. Dorf and R.H.Bishop, Modern Control System, Pearson
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