Course Details

Subject {L-T-P / C} : EE3704 : Embedded Systems Laboratory {0-0-2 / 1}
Subject Nature : Practical
Coordinator : Dr. Supratim Gupta


Introduction / Practice Session for Development Tool Learning, ADC and DAC interfacing for Data Acquisition, Design of Filters of different Architecture, Hardware & Firmware development and implementation

Course Objectives

  1. To familiarize, understand and implement Real-Time systems using microcontroller /microprocessor programming.

Course Outcomes

At the end of the Lab session, students will know
1. Processor Architecture (8051/8085/8086)
2. Interfacing different components with embedded processors
a. Loading on ports and its Mitigation
b. Logic levels for communication
3. Minimal Circuit Configuration
c. Power and Ground
4. ADC and DAC interfacing (detailed)
5. Signal acquisition (Sensor to ADC) Signal transfer (DAC to actuators)
6. Programming: Concepts and syntax.
7. Hardware & Software (Firmware) design flow
8. Algorithms conceptualization/representation for instrumentation & control applications
9. Performance analysis of the overall system

Essential Reading

  1. Anonymous, DATA SHEETs of various ICs, Multiple
  2. , ,

Supplementary Reading

  1. , ,
  2. , ,