Course Details

Subject {L-T-P / C} : CH4372 : Computer Aided Design Laboratory {0-0-2 / 1}
Subject Nature : Practical
Coordinator : Dr. Krunal M Gangawane


Introduction to MATLAB: Usage of MATLAB Interface, Creating simple functions and script files, Variable declarations and assignment, Symbols, Global and local values, Usage of loops, Simple solver functions, 2D-plots. Mathematics Toolbox: Introduction to mathematical operations using numbers, matrices, functions, arrays, Use MATLAB as language: If and for loop operations, Solution of simultaneous linear and algebraic equations, chemical engineering problem solution solver, ordinary differential equation solver, partial differential equation solver, parameter estimation in chemical engineering equations, Toolboxes: Curve fitting Toolbox, Optimization Toolbox.

Course Objectives

  1. 1. Able to know the formation of matrices and their solvers from chemical engineering problems.
    2. Introduction to numerical methods for engineering problems
    3. Able to use MATLAB to solve computational problems
    4. ODE and PDE methods solving for various chemical engineering modelling problems.

Course Outcomes

MATLAB is a popular language for numerical computation. At the end of this course, a student would be able to use MATLAB programming, and demonstrate its use for scientific computations. Empower students to apply numerical Methods to solve realistic problems in Chemical and Environmental Engineering. The basis of computational techniques is explored through various examples and problems, and practical ways to perform model analysis

Essential Reading

  1. Rudra Pratap,, Getting Started with MATLAB: A Quick Introduction for Scientists & Engineers, Oxford University Press, , 2016
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Supplementary Reading

  1. Steve C. Chapra and Raymond P. Canale, Numerical methods for engineers with programming and software, McGraw-Hill Publishing Co. , 4th Revised edition edition (1 August 2001)
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