Course Details

Subject {L-T-P / C} : CH3111 : Process Equipment Design {3-1-0 / 4}
Subject Nature : Theory
Coordinator : Prof. Abanti Sahoo


Detailed process design of the following equipment’s Heat exchangers concentric tube, shell and tube types, Condensers –condenser coolers and superheater condensers for single vapour––only, Evaporators single and multi-effects, Absorbers for binary systems without reactions,– Distillation columns for binary mixtures along with tray hydraulics, Rotary dryers Multi- component Distillation Column Design. Design of storage tanks, pressure vessels and auxiliaries like nozzles, flanges, head and supports such as bracket, skirt and saddle support.

Course Objectives

  1. To help the students to design heat and mass transfer and other process equipment
  2. To help the students to have the design knowledge of mechanical aspects of process equipment

Course Outcomes

• Students will know the process conditions existing in the industries.
• Students will have idea about material selection for any industry.
• Students will have knowledge of different parts of process equipment including all necessary accessories
• Students will be able to design the complete process equipment for any industry.

Essential Reading

  1. R. K. Sinnott, Chemical Engineering Design, Coulson Richardson’s Chemical Engineering Series, Volume 6, Butterworth-Heinemann , 4 edition (1 July 2005)
  2. D. Q. Kern,, Process Heat Transfer., McGraw-Hill Inc.,US , (16 November 1950)

Supplementary Reading

  1. R. E. Treybal, Mass Transfer Operations, McGraw-Hill Book Company , 3rd edition (January 1,1980)
  2. Dr. Srikant D. Dawande,, Process Equipment Design, Denett Publisher , Vol-2, 6th Edition, 2014