Course Details

Subject {L-T-P / C} : CH6300 : Advanced Process Control {3-0-0 / 3}
Subject Nature : Theory
Coordinator : Prof. Madhusree Kundu


The notion of a system, stability, Dead time compensator, Inverted response compensator, classical feedback control and controller design, loop shaping, Feed-forward and Ration controller, and Cascade Controller. Internal model control (IMC), IMC based PID design, direct synthesis controller. Elements of linear system theory (system description canonical transformation state controllability and observability), State estimator, State feedback controller, Pole placement and observer based controller. MIMO systems: Extent of interaction and pairing of controlled and manipulated variable using RGA and SVD analysis, Practical procedure of MIMO system (closed loop) design.Design of model predictive Controller (MPC).

Course Objectives

  1. To provide notion of system, state, parametric representation of a system and Stability analysis
  2. To provide idea of system dynamics and various responses and systems in state space.
  3. To provide idea of Design of various classical (for SISO /MVSISO system) and modern control system.
  4. To provide the proficiency in open and closed loop simulation of Multivariable process dynamics in MATLAB and SIMULINK platform

Course Outcomes

1. Making the students aware of the sophisticated automated process plants and safety concerns.
2. Making the students prepared for successful participation in industrial automation and safe process design,
3. Making the students equipped and confident to handle various software /simulators (MATLAB and SIMULINK).

Essential Reading

  1. B.W. Bequette, Process Control: Modeling, Design, and Simulation, Prentice Hall Internation Series , 2003
  2. Katsuhiko Ogata, Modern control engineering, Prentice Hall , 5th edition 2010

Supplementary Reading

  1. S. Skogestad and I. Postlethwaite, Multivariable feedback control analysis and design, Wiley , 2nd Edition, 2005
  2. Dale E. Seborg, Thomas F. Edgar, Duncan A. Mellichamp, Process Dynamics & Control, John Wiley & Sons Ltd , 4th Edition 2016

Journal and Conferences

  1. Journal of Process Control,, ELSEVIER
  2. Control Engineering Practice, ELSEVIER