Laboratory & Facilities

Electrical & Electronics Shop.

Armature Winding machine


Prof. Subrata Karmakar

Electrical Machine Laboratory

Precision Magnetic Analyzer, (Make: Wayne Kerr, UK), AC Induction Motor, 5 HP,coupled with DC Generator, 3.5 KW, 220 V, 6.0 KVA INVAC AC Inverter Drive,TMS320F2812 DSP controller board Slip-Ring Induction Motor (2 HP, 3 Phase, 415 Volt, 3 A, 1440 rpm) with DC Shunt Generator (1.5 kW, 220 V, 6.5 A)


Prof. Kanungo Barada Mohanty

Embedded System and Real Time Laboratory

16 bit micro-controller development & trainer kit (Intel 80196, 16 bit micro controller,

 8KB RAM, 32 KB External EPROM)        

 Universal VLSI trainer

 Xilinx ISE Software

 8051 Microcontroller training Kit

 FPGA application development board (XILINX, SPATRAN 2)

 Xtream DSP Spartan 3A DSP Development board

 Xtream DSP Development Kit for VirtexII Pro

 Virtex-5 ML-505 development platform with rocket IO GTP trans-receiver

 Piggy back Boards:

 Altera cyclone FPGA Piggy Back Board

Cypress CPLD piggyback board (With Wrap Galaxy software for writing VHDL)

 Altera Stratic II FPGA Piggy Back Board

 Altera Max II CPLD Piggy Back Board

 Xilinx Cool runner II CPLD   Piggy Back Board

 Spartan – 3 piggy back boards

 Xilinx Virtex –II piggy back board

 Xilinx Virtex –II pro piggy back   board (Built in IBM 400 MHz Power PC Processor)


Dr. Supratim Gupta

High Voltage & Insulation Research Laboratory

AC power frequency test setup, 400kV Impulse voltage generator, AC/DC Hipot Tester  (Output AC 15.5 KV, DC 40 KV, Make: Hipotronics Inc, USA), Breakdown Voltage Tester, Insulating oil breakdown tester, Capacitance and Tan delta measurement, Schering Bridge (for measuring cable capacitance)


Prof. Subrata Karmakar

Measurement and Instrumentation Laboratory

Earth Leakages Relay, Choke coil(0.32mH),Anderson Bridge, Current Transformer, Lloyd fisher square (4270A), Crompotonics potential meter, Insulation Tester [Megger], Max well Bridge, Potential Transformer, Spot vibration galvano meter, Universial Impedance Bridge, AE single phase transformer, Digital storage oscilloscope, Digital multimeter, Lamp load.


Prof. Somnath Maity

Microwave Devices & Antenna System Laboratory

Microwave Test bench (Gunn based) with power meter (Make: SICO)

Microwave Test bench(Klystron based) for Antenna measurement (Make: SICO)

Antenna Trainer

Prof. K. Ratna Subhashini

Power Electronics and Drives Laboratory

dSPACE Ace Kit 1103 & 1104

BLDC Motor Coupled with Eddy Current Loading arrangement

DC Motor Speed Control Set-up

1HP DC Motor coupled with 1 HP DC Generator and with quadrature encoder

 80 51 based firing pulse generator SCR/IGBT/MOSFET

 TMS 320F2407A based DSP controller

 Code composer studio for 2407

 AS-IPM based power module

  Induction Motor Speed Control with converter


Prof. Anup Kumar Panda

Signal Processing and Communication Laboratory
Systems View Software, dSPACE Ace Kit 1103 & 1104, Spectrum Analyzer, Code Composer Studio, Lyrtech Signal Wave Development DSP+FPGA Hybrid Signal Processing Application Software, NUCLEUS Plus, RF Lab Kit, Mobile Telecommunication Trainer, Base band transmission training system, GSM trainer, Wireless embedded Bluetooth training system, CDMA trainer with bit error rate measurement, LAN Trainer, Data Communication Trainer, P-Series Power Meter and Series Wideband Power Sensor, Wireless sensor network kit

Prof. Susmita Das

Simulation and Computing Laboratory
Softwares with Institute Licenses: MATLAB, LABVIEW.

Prof. Subrata Karmakar