Rock Mechanics with Ground Control Applications

 Prof. Manoj Kumar Mishra

 17 Jan 2017 to 19 Jan 2017

Short Term Course on Mine Management, Legislation and General Safety

 Prof. Debi Prasad Tripathy

 21 Nov 2014 to 25 Nov 2014

Instrumentation For Evaluation Of Ground Control Problems And Wireless Sensor Networks For Mines

 Prof. Singam Jayanthu

 27 Nov 2013 to 30 Nov 2013

Mine Management, Legislation and General Safety

 Prof. Debi Prasad Tripathy

 15 Oct 2013 to 21 Oct 2013

Environmental Management In Iron And Manganese Mines

 Prof. Himanshu Bhushan Sahu

 29 Jan 2013 to 31 Jan 2013

International Webinar on Frontiers in Mining & Geosciences

 Prof. Amit Kumar Gorai

 07 Nov 2020 to 08 Nov 2020

Slope Stability Issues In Opencast Mining And Civil Engineering

 Prof. Singam Jayanthu

 25 Jul 2015 to 26 Jul 2015

Prevention and Control of Dust Pollution

 Prof. Debi Prasad Tripathy, Mr. Bibekananda Das

 02 Dec 2013

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Environmental Management of Koira Mining Area through Cumulative Impact Assessment Study  Defence Seminar

 Simanchala Dash (Roll no. 508MN901) [Student]

 Mining Engineering

 Seminar Hall (Department of Mining Engg.) & MS Team (Code: yqv45pz)MS Team meeting link:  [26 Feb 2021 11:00 AM]

Evaluation and Development of Digital Image Correlation Approach to Predict Coal Pillar Failure  Synopsis Seminar

 NUTAN SHUKLA ( RollNo : 515MN1001) [Student]

 Mining Engineering

 MS team code: 89mjvpu  [23 Feb 2021 04.30 pm]

Indian mining industry and legislative framework - An overview  Departmental Seminar

 Er Prabhat Kumar, Director General, DGMS [External Professional]

 Mining Engineering

 FTBI Conference Hall, TIIR Building, MS –Team  [01 Feb 2021 11:00 AM]

Development of a Low Cost Adsorbent for Removal of Fluoride from Water in Mining Areas  Progress Seminar

 Bidyutprava Behera (Roll No.: 518MN1001) [Student]

 Mining Engineering

 ONLINE- MS TEAM  [25 Jan 2021 16:15 Hrs ]

Advancement of digitalization in Mining / “SMART Mining”  Departmental Seminar

 Amitava Dutta [External Professional]

 Mining Engineering

 ONLINE- MS TEAM  [09 Dec 2020 15:00 Hrs]