Electrochemistry – Fundamentals and its Applications in Engineering

 Dr. Adhidesh S Kumawat

 14 Oct 2020

Advanced Mathematical Techniques for Engineers & Scientists (AMTES20)

 Dr. Krunal M Gangawane,Prof. Madhusree Kundu

 28 Sep 2020 to 30 Sep 2020

GIAN course: Bigdata Applications in Process Operations: Modeling, Monitoring and Control

 Prof.(Ms.) Madhusree Kundu

 25 Jun 2018 to 30 Jun 2018

GIAN course on Process Safety Engineering

 Prof. Arvind Kumar

 28 May 2018 to 01 Jun 2018

Short Term Course On Fluidized Bed Technology For Waste Management : Design, Modeling and Simulation

 Prof.(Ms.) Abanti Sahoo

 08 Sep 2014 to 12 Sep 2014

A National conference on Recent Trends in Fluid Dynamics Research (RTFDR-21)

 Prof. Akhilesh Kumar Sahu,Prof. Basudeb Munshi,Prof. Hara Mohan Jena,Dr. Krunal M Gangawane

 02 Apr 2021 to 04 Apr 2021

Conference on 13th Annual Session of Students' Chemical Engineering Congress SCHEMCON – 2017

 Prof. Hara Mohan Jena

 07 Oct 2017 to 08 Oct 2017

Introduction to Different Computational Methods for Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer Problems

 Dr. Krunal M Gangawane

 01 Jul 2019 to 05 Jul 2019


 Abhishek Kumar (519CH1002) [Student]

 Chemical Engineering

 Online (MS-TEAM, Meeting Code: 61lq8i8)  [10 Feb 2021 4.15 PM]

Removal of Emerging Contaminants using Advanced Treatment Technologies  Registration Seminar

 DEEPTIMAYEE PAL ( RollNo : 519CH1001) [Student]

 Chemical Engineering

 Online mode (Through MS Team, Code: wnog0vb Short URL: https://bit.ly/3or47UR)  [03 Feb 2021 11:00 AM]

Studies on doping of Lantanum series on Pr1-xLnxBa0.5Sr0.5Co0.5Fe1.5O5+δ - Double Perovskite Oxides for SOFC Application  Defence Seminar

 G. Harshitha (Roll No: 513CH3002) [Student]

 Chemical Engineering

 Online via Google meet (link : meet.google.com/ tsd-bbek-fjz )  [08 Jan 2021 3.15 PM]

Biodegradation study of some commonly used plasticizers (phthalate esters) and development of a vegetable oil-based plasticizer  Defence Seminar

 Sangram Shamrao Patil (Roll No: 514CH1004) [Student]

 Chemical Engineering

 MS Team, Team Code: v6d0ygh  [05 Jan 2021 10.30 AM]

Synthesis of Activated Carbon from Lignocellulosic Biomass for Iron Removal from Aqueous phase  Defence Seminar

 Ms. Shilpi Das (Roll No: 514CH1008) [Student]

 Chemical Engineering

 Online -via google meet (link : meet.google.com/xqd-trze-nim)  [26 Nov 2020 11.00 AM]