The cheerful mind perseveres and the strong mind hews its way through a thousand difficulties.
-Swami Vivekananda

Project Fellowships

Applications are invited from Indian citizens with excellent academic background for contractual appointment under different research projects undertaken in the various departments of NITR as indicated below.   
DepartmentProject TitleName of PostPrincipal InvestigatorLast DateDetails
Mechanical EngineeringDesign and Development of Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer.JRF-01Dr.Tarapada Roy26 Jun 2018
Electrical EngineeringDesign and Development of Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer.JRF-01Dr.Somnath Maity26 Jun 2018
Life Science“Deciphering role of autophagy in stemness and therapy resistance in oral cancer stem cells”JRF-01 Dr. Sujit Kumar Bhutia25 Jun 2018
Ceramic Engineering: Fabrication and characterization of Li2TiO3-Li4SiO4 pebbles with optimized strength and porosity by novel freeze granulation techniqueJRF-01Dr. Ranabrata Mazumder28 Jun 2018
Mechanical EngineeringDesign and development of novel two and three dimensional oscillating heat pipes with connected headers for space applicationsJRF-01Dr. Manoj Kumar Moharana25 Jun 2018
Industrial Design“Design and fabrication of a novel scoop stretcher for full body immobilization during causality Transfer”Senior Research Fellow / Junior Research Fellow (01 post)Dr. Mohammed Rajik Khan20 Jun 2018
Biotechnology and Medical Engineering“Fermentation-assisted technologies for the enrichment and recovery of novel bioactive compounds from food JRF-01Dr. Nivedita Patra20 Jun 2018
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