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-Francis Bacon

Project Fellowships

Applications are invited from Indian citizens with excellent academic background for contractual appointment under different research projects undertaken in the various departments of NITR as indicated below.   
DepartmentProject TitleName of PostPrincipal InvestigatorLast DateDetails
Chemistry“Metal free deep blue emitting fluorophores for organic light emitting didoes: approaching NTSC standard”JRF-01DR. Vaidyanathan Sivakumar24 Nov 2017
Physics and AstronomyProbing of Lanthanide doped Nano-materials (LnF3, NaLnF4: Ln =Y, Gd) as spectral convertor for next generation highly efficient photovoltaic applications. JRF-01Dr. Suryanarayan Dash10 Nov 2017
Computer Science and EngineeringIntelligent Surveillance Data Retriever (ISDR) for Smart city ApplicationsSenior Research Fellow (1 Post, Computer Science/IT/MCA) and Junior Research Fellow (1 post, ElectrDr. Korra Sathya Babu28 Oct 2017
Industrial Design“Design and fabrication of a novel scoop stretcher for full body immobilization during causality Transfer”Senior Research Fellow (SRF) - 01Dr. Mohammed Rajik Khan26 Oct 2017
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