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Public Grievance Cell

Public Grievance Comittee

[Constituted vide resolution No. BOG-45(2015)-19, dated 13/03/2015]

Dr. V. Chandrasekhar, Director, NISER Chairman
Prof. K.C. Pati, Dean [SW] Member (Ex-Officio)
Prof. B. Subudhi, Dean [AR] Member (Ex-Officio)
Prof. S.K. Patra, Dean [FW] Member (Ex-Officio)
Mr. M. Mahesh Vazer, former President, Rourkela Chamber of Commerce Member
Sri. F.C. Mohanty, Alumni Member
Sri. Kumar Behera, Alumni Member
Prof. B.B. Biswal, Chairman, Press & Public Relation Committee Member (Ex-Officio)
Mr. S.K. Upadhyay, Registrar Member Secretary (Ex-Officio)
Correspondence Address
Registrar & Secretary (PGC)
National Institute of Technology
Rourkela-769008, Odisha
Phone: 0661-2462021 (O)
Email: registrar

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