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Manage Equipment

NIT Rourkela has created a massive infrastructure for R & D in most branches of engineering and science. The funds have come from multiple sources: plan grant of the Government of India, FIST grant of DST, TEQIP, and the most important of all, sponsored research and consultancy projects secured through faculty initiative. At NIT Rourkela, no matter which agency has provided the funds, the equipment and software are available for use by the entire research community.
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EINEquipment NamePIC NameStatus
BM001Cell Culture Facility (BM)Prof.(Ms.) Krishna ParmanikFunctional
BM002Flow Cytometer (BM)Prof.(Ms.) Krishna ParmanikFunctional
BM003Electrospinning Machine (BM)Prof.(Ms.) Krishna ParmanikFunctional
BM004Universal Testing Machine (BM)Prof.(Ms.) Krishna ParmanikFunctional
BM005Viscometer (BM)Prof.(Ms.) Krishna ParmanikFunctional
BM006Fermentor & Bioreactor (BM)Prof.(Ms.) Krishna ParmanikFunctional
BM007Microplate Absorbance Reader (BM)Prof. Subhankar PaulFunctional
BM008UV-Visible Spectrophotometer (BM)Prof. Kunal PalFunctional
BM009Orbital Shaking Incubator (BM)Prof. Subhankar PaulFunctional
BM010Programmable Controlled Rate Freezer (BM)Prof.(Ms.) Krishna ParmanikFunctional
BM011Differential Scanning Calorimeter (BM)Prof. Kunal PalNon-Functional
BM012Biomedical Instrumentation & Signal processing System (BM)Prof. Kunal PalFunctional
BM013Wear and Friction Monitor (BM)Prof. Amit BiswasFunctional
BM0204Confocal Microscope (BM)Prof.(Ms.) Krishna ParmanikFunctional
BM0225High Performance Liquid Chromatography (BM)Prof. Sirsendu Sekhar RayFunctional
BM0226Interfacial Tensiometer (BM)Prof. Amit BiswasFunctional
BM0227Temperature controlled Vacuum Drier (BM)Prof.(Ms.) Krishna ParmanikFunctional
BM0241Real-time Polymerase Chain reaction (BM)Prof. Sirsendu Sekhar RayFunctional
BM0242Cooling Centrifuge (BM)Prof. Amit BiswasFunctional
BM0243flurosecence microscope (BM)Prof.(Ms.) Krishna ParmanikFunctional
BM0244FTIR Spectroscope (BM)Prof. Kunal PalNon-Functional
BM0245Texture Analyzer (BM)Prof. Kunal PalFunctional
BM0246Microplate Absorbance Reader (BM)Prof. Subhankar PaulFunctional
BM0247UV/Vis Spectrophotometer (BM)Prof. Subhankar PaulFunctional
BM0248Fluorescence Spectrometer (BM)Prof. Subhankar PaulFunctional
BM0251Lyophilizer (BM)Prof.(Ms.) Krishna ParmanikFunctional
BM0254Metallurgical Microscope (BM)Prof. A ThirugnanamFunctional
BM0255Drop Shape Analyzer (Contact Angle Measurement) (BM)Prof. A ThirugnanamFunctional
BM0256Multi Axial Force Platform (BM)Prof. A ThirugnanamFunctional
BM0257Cryospray Equipment (BM)Prof. A ThirugnanamFunctional
BM0261Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope (E-SEM) (BM)Prof.(Ms.) Krishna ParmanikFunctional
CC156High Performance Computing (HPC) (CC)Prof. Bidyadhar SubudhiFunctional
CC157IBM Blade Centres (CC)Mr. Snehasish ParhiFunctional
CC158Data Storage System (CC)Mr. Snehasish ParhiFunctional
CC159Network Infrastructure (CC)Mr. Snehasish ParhiFunctional
CC160Wireless Devices (CC)Mr. Snehasish ParhiFunctional
CC161UTM Device (CC)Mr. Snehasish ParhiFunctional
CC162Solidworks 2012 (CC)Mr. Snehasish ParhiFunctional
CC163ANSYS 13.0 (CC)Mr. Snehasish ParhiFunctional
CC164MATLAB & Simulink (CC)Mr. Snehasish ParhiFunctional
CC165LabVIEW 2010 (CC)Mr. Snehasish ParhiFunctional
CE049Block Vibration Testing Equipment (CE)Prof. Nagendra RoyFunctional
CE050Triaxial Shear Test Apparatus (CE)Prof. Nagendra RoyFunctional
CE051Large Direct Shear Testing Equipment (CE)Prof. Nagendra RoyFunctional
CE052Plate Load Testing Equipment (CE)Prof. Nagendra RoyFunctional
CE053Load Frame (Electrical cum manual) 500 kN (CE) Functional
CE054Nuclear Moisture Meter (CE) Functional
CE055Vibrometer (CE) Functional
CE056Pulse Vibration Analyzer (CE) Functional
CE057Digital Servo Electric Universal Testing Machine (CE)Prof. Shishir Kumar SahuFunctional
CE058Electro magnetic excitor/shaker with vibration controller (CE)Prof. Shishir Kumar SahuFunctional
CE059Rolling Thin Film Oven (RTFO) (CE)Prof. Mahabir PandaFunctional
CE060Pressure Ageing Vessel (PAV) (CE)Prof. Mahabir PandaFunctional
CE061Rheometer for Asphalt (CE)Prof. Mahabir PandaFunctional
CE062Viscometer for Asphalt (CE)Prof. Mahabir PandaFunctional
CE063Repeated Load Indirect Tensile Test Apparatus (CE)Prof. Mahabir PandaFunctional
CE064Large Hydraulic Tilting Flume (CE)Prof. Kisanjit Kumar KhatuaFunctional
CE065Computer Controlled Constant temperature Anemometer (CE)Prof. Kisanjit Kumar KhatuaFunctional
CE066Micro-Acoustic Doppler Velocity Meter (CE)Prof. Kisanjit Kumar KhatuaFunctional
CE067Ultraviolet–visible spectroscopy (CE)Prof.(Mrs.) Kakoli Karar(Paul)Functional
CE068Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (CE)Prof.(Mrs.) Kakoli Karar(Paul)Functional
CE069Remote Sensing and GIS Facility (CE)Prof. Ramakar JhaFunctional
CE070Smart Surveillance System (CS)Dr. Pankaj Kumar SaFunctional
CE071IBM RATIONAL ROSE (CS)Prof. Durga Prasad MohapatraFunctional
CH0201Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectroscope (CH)Prof. Sujit SenFunctional
CH0202Gas Chromatograph (CH)Prof. Sujit SenFunctional
CH0250Transmission Electron Microscope (CH)Prof. Santanu PariaFunctional
CH026Surface Tensiometer (CH)Prof. Santanu PariaNon-Functional
CH0265UV-VIS Spectrophotometer (Carry 60) (CH)Prof. Basudeb MunshiFunctional
CH0266Gas Analyser (CH)Prof.(Mrs.) Abanti SahooNon-Functional
CH0267Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (CH)Prof. Santanu PariaFunctional
CH0268UV-Vis Spectrophotometer (CH)Prof. Santanu PariaFunctional
CH0269Rheometer (CH)Prof. Santanu PariaFunctional
CH027DTA-Thermo Gravimetric Analyzer (CH)Prof.(Mrs.) Susmita MishraNon-Functional
CH028UV-Vis-NIR spectrophotometer (CH)Prof. Santanu PariaNon-Functional
CH029Total Organic Carbon analyzer (CH)Prof.(Mrs.) Susmita MishraNon-Functional
CH030BET surface area analyzer (CH)Prof.(Mrs.) Susmita MishraFunctional
CH031Nanoparticle size and Zeta Potential analyzer (CH)Prof. Santanu PariaFunctional
CH032Hydrocarbon analyzer (CH)Prof. Raghubansh Kumar SinghNon-Functional
CH033Goniometer (CH)Prof. Santanu PariaFunctional
CH034Freeze Dryer (CH)Prof. Santanu PariaNon-Functional
CH035Particle size analyzer (CH)Prof. Santanu PariaNon-Functional
CH036ASPEN ONE and gPROMS (CH)Prof. Basudeb MunshiFunctional
CR014Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (CR)Prof. Swadesh Kumar PratiharNon-Functional
CR015Atomic Force Microscope (CR)Prof. Japesh BeraNon-Functional
CR016Electrochemical Impedance analyzer (CR)Prof. Ranabrata MazumderNon-Functional
CR017DSC-TG (CR)Prof. Swadesh Kumar PratiharNon-Functional
CR018Dilatometer (CR)Prof. Swadesh Kumar PratiharFunctional
CR019BET Surface area and poresize analyzer (CR)Prof. Swadesh Kumar PratiharNon-Functional
CR020Mercury Porosimeter (CR)Prof. Sumit Kumar PalNon-Functional
CR021Rheometer (CR)Prof. Swadesh Kumar PratiharFunctional
CR0219Melvern Nano ZS (CR)Prof. Swadesh Kumar PratiharFunctional
CR022High Temperature Electric Furnaces (CR)Prof. Santanu BhattacharyyaFunctional
CR023UV-Visible Spectrometer (CR)Prof. Sumit Kumar PalNon-Functional
CR024Hot Modulus of Rupture Tester (3-point) up to 1500oC (CR)Prof. Santanu BhattacharyyaFunctional
CR025Abbe Refractometer (CR)Prof. Sumit Kumar PalFunctional
CR0258Optical Microscopy (CR)Prof. Swadesh Kumar PratiharFunctional
CS072Real-time Digital Simulator (EE)Prof. Anup Kumar PandaFunctional
CS073Multilevel Inverter (EE)Prof. Anup Kumar PandaFunctional
CY0194Polarimeter (CY)Prof. Debayan SarkarFunctional
CY0195High Pressure Reactor (Autoclave): Berghoff (CY)Prof. Priyabrat DashFunctional
CY0196UV-Visible Spectrophotometer/ (CY)Prof. Rupam DindaNon-Functional
CY0197UV-Visible Spectrophotometer (CY)Dr. Harekrushna SahooNon-Functional
CY0198UV-Visible Spectrophotometer (CY)Prof.(Mrs.) Sabita PatelFunctional
CY0199Muffle furnace (CY)Prof. Priyabrat DashFunctional
CY0200UV-Visible Spectrophotometer (CY)Prof.(Ms.) Usharani SubuddhiFunctional
CY0203Circular-Dichroism (CD) spectrophotometer (CY)Dr. Harekrushna SahooNon-Functional
CY0237FT IR spectrometer (CY)Prof. Saurav ChatterjeeNon-Functional
CY0252UV-VIS spectrophotometer (CY)Prof. Niranjan PandaFunctional
CY0259Infrared Spectrophotometer (CY)Prof.(Mrs.) Sasmita MohapatraFunctional
CY0260Infrared Spectrophotometer (CY)Prof.(Mrs.) Sasmita MohapatraFunctional
CY0262High Pressure liquid Chromatography (CY)Prof. Debayan SarkarFunctional
CY0280Fluorescence spectroscopy with steady state measurement facility (CY)Prof. Vaidyanathan SivakumarFunctional
CY037Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer (CY)Prof. Saurav ChatterjeeFunctional
CY038ESI Mass Spectrophotometer (CY)Prof. Rupam DindaFunctional
CY039Fluorescence Spectrometer (CY)Prof.(Ms.) Usharani SubuddhiNon-Functional
CY040Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Spectrometer (CY)Prof. Raj Kishore PatelNon-Functional
CY041BET Surface area analyzer (CY)Prof. Garudadhwaj HotaFunctional
CY042UV-Visible Spectrometer (CY)Prof.(Mrs.) Sabita PatelFunctional
CY043CHNS Analyzer (CY)Prof. Priyabrat DashNon-Functional
CY044Potentiostat/Galvanostat (CY)Prof. Rupam DindaFunctional
CY045Advanced Optical microscope (CY)Prof. Garudadhwaj HotaFunctional
CY046Particle size analyzer (CY)Prof.(Mrs.) Sasmita MohapatraFunctional
CY047Atomic Absorption spectrometer (CY)Prof. Raj Kishore PatelNon-Functional
CY048Flash Chromatograph (CY)Prof. Niranjan PandaNon-Functional
CY187Lypholizer (CY)Prof. Supratim GiriNon-Functional
CY189Gas Chromatograph (CY)Prof. Niranjan PandaFunctional
CY190Gas Chromatograph (CY)Prof. Braja Gopal MishraFunctional
EC080Compact RIO Logic Analyzer (EC)Prof. Kamalakanta MahapatraFunctional
EC081Microcontroller, DSP, FPGA Design Boards (EC)Prof. Kamalakanta MahapatraFunctional
EC082VLSI EDA Tools Synopsys, Cadence, MentorGraphics, TannerEDA (EC)Prof. Kamalakanta MahapatraFunctional
EC083Virtual & Intelligent Instrumentation (EC)Prof. Umesh Chandra PatiFunctional
EC188PCB Prototype Machine (EC)Prof. Debiprasad Priyabrata AcharyaFunctional
EC191Vector Network Analyzer - 4.5 GHz (Agilent) (EC)Prof. Sarat Kumar PatraFunctional
EC192x-Band Microwave Test Benches (EC)Prof. Santanu Kumar BeheraFunctional
EC193Horn Antenna (6 GHz) (EC)Prof. Santanu Kumar BeheraFunctional
EE074DSP Controlled DFIG (EE)Prof. Kanungo Barada MohantyFunctional
EE075DSP-based Motor Control System (EE)Prof. Kanungo Barada MohantyFunctional
EE076AC Power Frequency Dry and Wet Flashover Test for Insulation upto 100 KV (RMS) (EE)Prof. Subrata KarmakarFunctional
EE077Impulse Voltage Test Setup up to 400 kV, 20 kJ (EE)Prof. Subrata KarmakarFunctional
EE078Hardware Processors for Communication and Signal Processing(EVP6472–FX70T-946 & TMDSFFSDRPP) (EC)Prof. Sarat Kumar PatraFunctional
EE079Signal /Network Generator and Analyzer for RF Communication (EC)Prof. Sarat Kumar PatraFunctional
HS176Language Learning Resources (HS)Prof.(Ms.) Seemita MohantyFunctional
ID0277Mojo 3D Printer (ID)Dr. Mohammed Rajik KhanFunctional
ID0847-Axis Faro Arm Scanner (ID)Dr. Mohammed Rajik KhanFunctional
ID0853D Printer Dimension SST 1200es (ID)Dr. Mohammed Rajik KhanFunctional
ID086CNC – FlexMill (ID)Prof. B.B.V.L. DeepakFunctional
ID087CNC – FlexTurn (ID)Prof. B.B.V.L. DeepakFunctional
ID088CATIA V6 R2013X SOFTWARE (ID)Dr. Mohammed Rajik KhanFunctional
ID089DELMIA QUEST SOFTWARE (ID)Dr. Mohammed Rajik KhanFunctional
ID090DELMIA IGRIP SOFTWARE (ID)Prof. Mohit LalFunctional
LS0222Two Dimensional Gel Electrophoresis (LS)Prof. Sujit Kumar BhutiaFunctional
LS0223Floortop high speed centrifuge (LS)Prof. Sujit Kumar BhutiaFunctional
LS0228Marvan Particle Size Zeta Analyzer (LS)Prof.(Ms.) Bismita NayakFunctional
LS0229ATR-FTIR (LS)Prof. Suman JhaNon-Functional
LS0230UV-Visible spectrophotometer (LS)Prof. Suman JhaFunctional
LS0249Table-Top Flow cytometer (LS)Prof. Sujit Kumar BhutiaFunctional
LS0263Horizontal autoclave (LS)Prof. Sujit Kumar BhutiaFunctional
LS0264Lyopholizer (LS)Prof. Sujit Kumar BhutiaFunctional
LS0270Semi-prep HPLC (LS)Prof. Surajit DasFunctional
LS0271Ultra-sonicator (LS)Prof. Surajit DasFunctional
LS0272Lyophilizer (LS)Prof. Surajit DasFunctional
LS0273UV-Vis Plate Reader (LS)Prof. Surajit DasFunctional
LS0274Rota-Evaporator (LS)Prof. Surajit DasFunctional
LS0275Gel documentation system (LS)Prof. Surajit DasFunctional
LS0278HPLC with Refractive Index Detector (LS)Prof. R JayabalanFunctional
LS091Fluorescence Microscope (LS)Prof. Sujit Kumar BhutiaFunctional
LS092Inverted Microscope (LS)Prof. Samir Kumar PatraFunctional
LS093RT-PCR (LS)Prof. Samir Kumar PatraNon-Functional
LS094Gradient PCR (LS)Prof. Surajit DasFunctional
LS095Spectrofluorometer (LS)Prof. Samir Kumar PatraFunctional
LS096UV-Visible spectrophotometer (LS)Prof. Samir Kumar PatraNon-Functional
LS097Mutation Detection System (LS)Prof. Surajit DasFunctional
LS098AKTA Prime Plus (LS)Prof. Sujit Kumar BhutiaFunctional
LS099Fermenter (LS)Prof. Surajit DasFunctional
LS100Freezer (-80°C) (LS)Prof. Sujit Kumar BhutiaNon-Functional
LS101Refrigerated Centrifuge (LS)Prof. Surajit DasFunctional
LS102Millipore Water Purifier (LS)Prof. Surajit DasNon-Functional
ME0205Air jet erosion test rig (ME)Prof. Samir Kumar AcharyaFunctional
ME0206Dry sand abrasion test rig (ME)Prof. Samir Kumar AcharyaFunctional
ME0207pin on disc (ME)Prof. Samir Kumar AcharyaFunctional
ME0208The Slurry Abrasion Test Rig (ME)Prof. Samir Kumar AcharyaFunctional
ME0209Two body abrasion tester (ME)Prof. Samir Kumar AcharyaFunctional
ME0210FARO-Gage (ME)Prof. Kalipada MaityFunctional
ME0211Air Compressor (ME)Prof. Amitesh KumarFunctional
ME0212Engine Combustion Analysis kit (ME)Prof. S. MuruganFunctional
ME0213Exhaust Gas Analyser (ME)Prof. S. MuruganFunctional
ME0214RUSTON DIESEL ENGINE (ME)Prof. Amitesh KumarFunctional
ME0216SMOKE METER (ME)Prof. S. MuruganFunctional
ME0217TWIN CYLINDER DIESEL ENGINE (ME)Prof. Amitesh KumarFunctional
ME0218Rapid Prototyping Machine (ME)Prof. Siba Sankar MohapatraFunctional
ME0220ELECTRO DISCHARGE MACHINE (ME)Prof. Manoj MasantaFunctional
ME0221Wire EDM MACHINE (ME)Prof. Manoj MasantaFunctional
ME0224Ultrasonic Welding Machine (ME)Prof. Susanta Kumar SahooFunctional
ME0231CARL ZEISS TOOL MAKERS'MICROSCOPE (ME)Prof. Kalipada MaityFunctional
ME103Linde Liquid Nitrogen Plant (LINIT 25) (ME)Prof. Sunil Kumar SarangiFunctional
ME104Liquid Nitrogen Generator (LNP 40) (ME)Prof. Sunil Kumar SarangiFunctional
ME105Vacuum Brazing Furnace (ME)Prof. Sunil Kumar SarangiFunctional
ME106Universal Testing Machine-600kN & 1000kN (ME)Prof. Manoj MasantaFunctional
ME107Laser Welding Machine (ME)Prof. Susanta Kumar SahooFunctional
ME108Heavy Duty Lathe Machine (ME)Prof. Manoj MasantaFunctional
ME109Heavy Duty Milling Machine (ME)Prof. Manoj MasantaFunctional
ME110Electrochemical Machine (ME)Prof. Manoj MasantaFunctional
ME111Measuring Microscope Tester (ME)Prof. Susanta Kumar SahooFunctional
ME112Measuring Micro-hardness Tester (ME)Prof. Susanta Kumar SahooFunctional
ME113Multiprocess Micro-Machine DT110 (ME)Prof. Kalipada MaityNon-Functional
ME114Co-ordinate Measuring Machine (ME)Prof. Kalipada MaityFunctional
MM0238Potentiostat/Galvanostat (MM)Prof.(Ms.) Archana MallickNon-Functional
MM0239Scanning Probe Microscope (MM)Prof.(Ms.) Archana MallickFunctional
MM0240Dynamic Mechanical Thermal Analyser (DMTA) (MM)Prof. Bankim Chandra RayFunctional
MM0253XRD-Texture Measurement (MM)Prof. Smarajit SarkarFunctional
MM0276Dynamic Universal Testing Machine (100KN)( (MM)Prof. Krishna DuttaFunctional
MM115Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) (MM)Dr.(Mrs.) Smrutisikha BalFunctional
MM116X-ray Diffractometer (MM)Dr.(Mrs.) Smrutisikha BalNon-Functional
MM117High temperature microscope (MM)Prof. Ajit BeheraFunctional
MM118High Temperature Viscometer (MM)Prof. Smarajit SarkarNon-Functional
MM119Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy-Attenuated Total Reflection (FTIR-ATR)-Microscope (MM)Prof. RAJESH KUMAR PRUSTYFunctional
MM120Stylus Surface Profilometer (MM)Prof.(Ms.) Archana MallickFunctional
MM121Alternating Differential Scanning Calorimetry-low temperature (ADSC) (MM)Prof. Ashok Kumar MondalFunctional
MM122DSC and TG (MM)Prof. Ajit BeheraFunctional
MM123Dilatometer (MM)Prof. D. NagarajanFunctional
MM124Dynamic Universal Testing Machine (INSTRON) (MM)Prof. Bipin Bihari VermaFunctional
MM125Universal Testing Machine (INSTRON), with Environmental Chamber (MM)Prof. Bankim Chandra RayFunctional
MM126Particle Size Analyzer (MM)Prof. Debasis ChairaNon-Functional
MN127Thermo-gravemetric/Differential Thermal Analyzer (MN)Prof. Bhatu Kumar PalNon-Functional
MN128Rheometer (MN)Prof. Hrushikesh NaikNon-Functional
MN129Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (MN)Prof. Bhatu Kumar PalNon-Functional
MN130Triaxial set up (MN)Prof. Manoj Kumar MishraFunctional
MN131Ultrasonic testing machine (MN)Prof. Manoj Kumar MishraFunctional
MN132Computerized control compression testing machine (CCTM) (MN)Prof. Manoj Kumar MishraFunctional
MN133Digital Bomb Calorimeter (MN)Prof. Himanshu Bhushan SahuFunctional
MN134PM2.5 AND PM10 SAMPLER (MN)Prof. Himanshu Bhushan SahuFunctional
MN135Crossing Point Temperature Apparatus (MN)Prof. Himanshu Bhushan SahuFunctional
MN136Olpinski Index (MN)Prof. Devidas Sahebraoji NimajeFunctional
MN137GEMCOM SURPAC GEOLOGY & MINE PLANNING (MN)Prof. Devidas Sahebraoji NimajeFunctional
MN138Ventsim Visual Advanced Software (MN)Prof. Devidas Sahebraoji NimajeFunctional
MN166Gas cromatograph (MN)Prof. Debi Prasad TripathyFunctional
MN167FTIR (MN)Prof. Devidas Sahebraoji NimajeFunctional
MN168Flammability Temperature Apparatus (for coal) (MN)Prof. Devidas Sahebraoji NimajeFunctional
MN169Portable Radiation Survey Meter with GM tube type LND 71210 (MN)Prof. Debi Prasad TripathyFunctional
MN170Respirable dust sampler (MN)Prof. Debi Prasad TripathyNon-Functional
MN171Multi parameter water quality monitoring system with GPS (MN)Prof. Himanshu Bhushan SahuFunctional
MN172PC based spirometer (MN)Prof. Debi Prasad TripathyNon-Functional
MN173PC based Digital Audiometer (MN)Prof. Debi Prasad TripathyFunctional
MN174OASYS soil movement suite comprising of slope, Pdisp X disp software (MN)Prof. Singam JayanthuFunctional
MN175Octave Band Analyzer (MN)Prof. Debi Prasad TripathyFunctional
MN177Micro controller based double beam UV-visible spectrometer with graphical LCD display (MN)Prof. Himanshu Bhushan SahuFunctional
MN178Analytical Sieve Shaker (MN)Prof. Himanshu Bhushan SahuFunctional
MN179Software for surface blast design, Laser Ece Burden Finder (MN)Prof. Manoj Kumar MishraFunctional
MN180Electronic laser theodolite (MN)Prof. Hrushikesh NaikFunctional
MN181Lynx Digital level (MN)Prof. Hrushikesh NaikFunctional
MN182Reflectorless total station (MN)Prof. Hrushikesh NaikFunctional
MN183Handheld digital manometer (for air) (MN)Prof. Bhatu Kumar PalFunctional
MN184Aermod view software (MN)Prof. Himanshu Bhushan SahuFunctional
MN185Blast vibration monitoring and blastware advanced software (MN)Prof. Manoj Kumar MishraFunctional
MN186FLAC 2D software (MN)Prof. Devidas Sahebraoji NimajeFunctional
PH0279Vibrating Sample Magnetometer (PH)Prof. Prakash Nath VishwakarmaNon-Functional
PH140Multipurpose X-Ray Diffraction System (PH)Prof. Dillip Kumar BisoyiFunctional
PH141LASER LIGHT SCATTERING (PH)Prof. Sidhartha S. JenaFunctional
PH142Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching (PH)Prof. Sidhartha S. JenaFunctional
PH143AC/DC Electrical Characterization Facility (PH)Prof. Prakash Nath VishwakarmaFunctional
PH144Rheometer (PH)Prof. Sidhartha S. JenaFunctional
PH145Precision Ferroelectric Characterization System (PH)Prof. Pawan KumarFunctional
PH146Impedance Analyzer: PSM 1735 (PH)Prof. Dilip Kumar PradhanFunctional
PH147Ultrasonic Processor/sonicator (PH)Prof. Dillip Kumar BisoyiFunctional
PH148DC Electrical Transport Facility (PH)Prof. Dhrubananda BeheraFunctional
PH149Vacuum Coating Unit (PH)Prof. Dhrubananda BeheraNon-Functional
PH150RF/DC Magnetron Sputtering Systems (PH)Prof. Dhrubananda BeheraNon-Functional
PH151Low Current/High Resistance Meter (electrometer) with Test Fixture (PH)Prof. Dillip Kumar BisoyiFunctional
WS0232Horizontal Band Saw Machine (WS)Prof. Manoj MasantaFunctional
WS0233Radial Drilling Machine (WS)Prof. Susanta Kumar SahooFunctional
WS0234Horizontal Band Saw Machine (WS)Prof. Susanta Kumar SahooFunctional
WS0235Horizontal Milling Machine (WS)Prof. Susanta Kumar SahooFunctional
WS0236Conventional Centre Lathe (WS)Prof. Susanta Kumar SahooFunctional
WS152CNC Milling Machine (WS)Prof. Susanta Kumar SahooFunctional
WS153CNC Lathe (WS)Prof. Susanta Kumar SahooFunctional
WS154CNC Drill Tap Centre (WS)Prof. Susanta Kumar SahooFunctional
WS155Tungsten Inter Gas Welding Machine (WS)Prof. Manoj MasantaFunctional
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