Review your goals twice every day in order to be focused on achieving them.
-Les Brown

Computer Science and Engineering (CS)

Software Engineering Laboratory

IBM Intel Xeon Server xSeries 226

SPSS Clementine 9.0

IBM Rational Suite Enterprise 

Advance Database Engineering Laboratory

IBM P 520 Unix Server on AIX 5.3

IBM DB2 8.2

WAS 5.1 Web Sphere Application 

Information Security & Data Communication Laboratory

Dual Xeon 3.4 GHz Server

Network Simulator Software NetSim  ver 1.10

RT Linux Pro 2.2 Development Kit Campus License 

Image Processing and Clustered Computing Laboratory

IBM e-225 Server

Scanner, Digital Camera, Image Processing Hardware System

HPC Cluster consists of 1 Master Node and 3 Compute Nodes which is based on Intel Platform with a Gigabit Ethernet Back-plane, Benchmark with High Performance Linpack (HPL): 11GFlops 

SW Computational Lab

HCL Intel Xeon server [LINUX]

HCL Intel Xeon Server [Novell 5.1 & Xenworks 3.2]

Hardware Laboratory

Digital Storage Oscilloscope

Analog / Digital IC Tester

Logic Analyzer

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