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Civil Engineering (CE)

Structural Engineering Laboratory [PIC : Prof.(Mrs.) Asha Patel]

Loading Frame for Beam Testing (Fabricated, NIT Rourkela), Universal Testing Machine (FIE, India), Horizontal Shake Table (Milenium, Bangalore), Compressing Testing Machine (Avery), Pulse Vibration Analyzer (Bruel & Kjaer, Denmark), Vibrometer (Ometron, UK), Electronic Universal Testing Machine (FIE, India)

Material Testing Laboratory [PIC : Prof. Uttam Kumar Mishra]

Universal Testing Machine 

Computational Laboratory [PIC : Prof. Manoranjan Barik]

Autocad, ANSYS, Matlab, Staad.pro, Plaxis

Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory [PIC : Prof. Suresh Prasad Singh]

Automatic Triaxial Test Apparatus (Aimil, India), Large Direct Shear Test Apparatus (Lawrence and Mayo, India), Block Vibration Testing Equipments, Generalized Static Loading set up for Soil Testing (Indigenous, NIT Rourkela), Nuclear Moisture Meter (CPN, USA)

Highway and Concrete Laboratory [PIC : Prof. Mahabir Panda]

Repeated Load Indirect Tensile Test (Fabricated, NIT Rourkela), Dynamic Shear Rheometer (Malvern, UK), Brook Field Viscometer (Brookfield, USA), Modified Marshall Test Apparatus (Aimil, India), Asphalt Rolling Thin Film Oven (James Cox, US), Pressure Aging Vessel (Prentex, USA), Viscometer (Brookfield, USA)

Hydraulic Machine Laboratory [PIC : Prof. Awadhesh Kumar]

Wind Tunnel (Fabricated, NIT Rourkela), Air Flow bench and Hydraulic Bench

Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics Laboratory [PIC : Prof. Kisanjit Kumar Khatua]

Tilting Hydraulics (Fabricated, NIT Rourkela), Acoustic Doppler Velocity Meter (SonTek, USA), Computer controlled constant temperature anemometer (Dantec, Denmark)

GIS & Remote Sensing Laboratory [PIC : Prof. Ramakar Jha]

Designjet 4000 dpi Plotter (HP), Designjet 4500 dpi Scanner (HP), Remote Sensing Software-ERDAS-Imagine, GIS Software-ARC-GIS, MIKE BASIN, MIKE FLOOD

Environmental Engineering Laboratory [PIC : Prof.(Mrs.) Kakoli Karar(Paul)]

UV-Spectrophotometer (Perkin-Elmer, USA), Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (Perkin-Elmer, USA)

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